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Species: Earth Dragon
Homeland: Sandara Desert
Gender: Male
Profession: N/A
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Zector is an Earth dragon renowned for his loyalty to his master. He is dedicated in the Earth Shrine.


Zector's parents and his whole tribe were killed after he was hatched by a nomadic tribe hoping to sell the spikes for high prices. Zector was left unseen because his older sister Chelena pushed him into a small pit. A bit later, a hermit found the baby, famished and almost dead. The hermit practiced Herbomancy and cured the disease of the baby. The young Zector was very loyal to the hermit that saved his life. Every morning, the hermit did go into the desert to gather materials, and came back at the evening to play and eat with Zector. One day, the hermit was attacked and killed, likely by either an angry Pharaoh Dragon or a Sandaran Giant Worm. Zector did not know about this but stayed waiting at the outside of the small house, only moving to reach for the small pool of water, some grass or small prey walking by. Even modern caravans tell stories of a lone earth dragon standing by a small cave, suggesting that Zector is still alive.