The ZINC, or Zombie-Inhaling Nano Crawler, is a small insect not visible with the naked eye. It eats "Zombies", other small insects spreading parasites which only are effective on other small insects. These insects only live in locations those "Zombies" live: The Glittergold Mountains, Verulos, Ganinara Falls, Blast Furnace and Palagos Islands.

The Zombies

It has been confirmed that those "Zombies" also are a type of ZINC that doesn't need to eat anything. To prevent confusion, those Zombies are sometimes called Zs. The Zombies do not reproduce themselves but can be children of normal ZINCs. They are born along with those parasites but they are only able to spread them when older, and parasites are not effective on ZINCs. A Zombie oftenly leaves the parents after birth to prevent being eaten.