Species: Human
Homeland: Bocartes
Gender: Male
Profession: Phantasmancer
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown

Whitbee was a wizard known for his adamant research of spooky dragons and his revolutionary work in phantasmancy. He also discovered the Nosferatu Dragon and using Gardenia's breeding theory and omnitat magic, he was able to construct the Spooky Habitat allowing most of the spooky dragons to live in it.




Whitbee calls his pack of dragons his "carnival", and on the day of "Trick Ortreat" and during his Candy Bash he parades around with it through The Grand City. He is only bonded to Brainiac and Esper though.

Famous Quotes

"Zombie dragons are scavengers. Scavengers do not kill their prey themselves. Thus, problem solved."
    —Whitbee, as a reply to a lot of wizards saying he may not feed carcasses to his zombie dragon, Brainiac, as they are afraid he may kill other creatures to eat them.
"I believe they'll live a better life among a wizard who wasn't obsessed with Spooky dragons."
    —Whitbee, upon giving Skyfall and Danders to his good friend, Julian the Fair