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The Great Forest is the largest forest in the world, and is located in Adnalanda. It is also home to the largest Plant Dragon population.

Landscape and Characteristics

The Great Forest is an incredibly diverse forest with many different settings. Some places are very distinctive so geographers give them their own name, like Wyrmwood, Thousand Acre Woods or The Moon Forest, but these lesser forests are still considered a part of this magnificent forest.


The Krollsmarsh Unknown Koo Hill
The West Shore, Cherry Road The Great Forest, Wyrmwood, The Moon Forest, Thousand Acre Woods The Forbidden Forest
Unknown Unknown Sandara Desert


The Great Forest is a mixed temperate forest that receives plenty of precipitation year round.




Wizards and Witches

No witches or wizards live here for a long period of time, as only Dragonologists and other branches of biologists are allowed to study the natural wildlife within The Great Forest.




Origin of Name

The word "great" comes from the Barbarian word for "big", "groot". Since the Barbarians kept saying "It is groot" about the forest, they called the forest "groot". This changed to "great" in time and is now a commonly used word.

Bordering Regions

Regions Contained