The Book of Dragons is an encyclopedia of all known dragon breeds, written by Nogard, to help future park keepers in creating a sustainable park. It is now standard practice to include a copy of the Book of Dragons in each new park owner's starter kit. It is enchanted with Cameramancy, so that every time Nogard edits the original book, every book is changed.


  • Abraxas Dragon - "Abraxas dragons love treats as much as the next dragon, but sometimes they want an extra jolt. When dark clouds roll in, abraxas dragons gather side-by-side in open fields. When they're lucky, lightning strikes one dragon and electricity surges through the rest. Every dragon gets in on the surge of energy. Sometimes this tactic doesn't work, but only if a firefly dragon gets stuck in the grid. It bugs them a bit, but it's not too shocking."
  • Abyss Dragon - "The depths beyond the Rift can be dark. Luckily, the abyss dragon has developed a way of coping with this obstacle. It carries a magical light on its head, which helps it to see. Unfortunately, this has led to some incidents where explorers, attracted to the warm glow of this light, bump into the dragon!"
  • Acid Dragon - "The first acid dragon brought into the Vale was carried snugly in the jacket of the explorer Ellen O'Mortson, who found the egg in the derelict buildings of Geegur. This tiny dragon got an undeserved reputation for terror, when it hatched right through his jacket and onto the banquet table at O'Mortson's homecoming feast. That story still gets ripples of laughter."
  • Air Dragon - "Air dragons spend almost their entire lives in the air -- eating, playing and even sleeping without ever touching the ground. It is rare indeed that anyone ever gets to view this dragon up close. Wizards have confirmed that this dragon is the result of breeding fire and water dragons."
  • Air Rift Dragon​"There's something in the air... oh, it's an air rift dragon! That would make sense, wouldn't it? Unless the inside of the Rift is some sort of bizzaro world in which water dragons fly and air dragons float. But that's preposterous... isn't it? Is it? Question everything! Just don't expect the air rift dragon to answer."
  • Alpenglow Dragon - The alpenglow dragon is so named for a phenomenon in the Rift that occurs when light reflects off of pockets of chaos magic to beautiful effect. A similar light effect seems to occur in this dragon's horns and belly, as though lit with an internal alpenglow. Gwyddion the Great Nogard believes this inner lamplight allows the alpenglow dragon to navigate even the darkest corners of the Rift.
  • Amber Dragon - "First discovered in the Drakar Forest, the amber dragon is one of the oldest specimens of dragonkind. The amber dragon's skin slowly hardens as the dragon ages, sometimes trapping remnants from the ancient world. This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Ambrosia Dragon - "Ancient scrolls hint toward a connection between the ambrosia dragon and Olympus dragons, suggesting a mythical friendship, but modern scrolls scholars have yet to decipher the legend. But that's not only the unusual thing about the ambrosia dragon--it's also one of the few dragons to have its own scent! Fortunately, unlike the sulfur dragon, the ambrosia dragon smells of honey, flowers, and all things sublimely sweet. Which begs the question: If you were to put a sulfur dragon in an Omnitat with an ambrosia dragon, which scent would be more powerful?"
  • Amethyst Dragon - "Whilst exploring the Gerias Mines, the enchantress Gigi Ode came across a spherical chamber completely covered in purple hued crystals. She quickly came to the realization that she was, in fact, surrounded by a plethora of amethyst dragons. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Andromedan Dragon - "From the moment of birth, both individuals in an andromedan dragon pair are drawn together by a mysterious force. It's even been demonstrated that feeding treats to one will somehow nourish the other. This has led some astronomancers to question whether the pair can truly be considered individuals or whether they are really the same entity. We'll leave the speculation to the astronomancers, we just think this dragon is really awesome."
  • Antarian Dragon - "The antarian dragon's appearance closely mimics a specific cluster of stars, a fiery orange splash across the sky. Depictions of the dragon have been found in cultures far removed from each other, from the nomads of the Sandara Desert to the scribes of the Windswept Peaks. The astronomancers are still puzzled as to what these findings could mean."
  • Antumbra Dragon - "Gwyddion's Field Notes on Dragons of the Rift: "Witnessed the hatchling of an antumbra dragon. Appears to sport exoscales for protection from Rift debris. Squeezey-pincery face is of the adorable variety. Luminous Hindquarters may serve as a nightlight in scary Rift regions. Pronounced pumpermelon penchant proven---pockets pilfered."
  • Apocalypse Dragon - "When the mythic volcano Garita erupted, wizards feared the end of the world. Luckily the only thing that emerged form those ash clouds were these incredible dragons. Be careful with teething young Apocalypse dragons as they love to gnaw on wizard footwear. You wouldn't want one to swallow your sole."
  • Aquamarine Dragon - "Adrift in the Sea of Kimzar with no help in sight, the water wizard Koostow despaired that his latest magical experiment hadn't gone quite as he had planned. Much to his surprise, he was lifted from the icy waters on the back of an Aquamarine dragon and rescued. To return the favor, Koostow worked hard to make sure these dragons would be comfortable living on the Gemstone Island. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Arbor Dragon - "The Arbor dragon was first discovered deep in the southern Forests of Schloss, using its tusks to root up mushrooms. Due to their magic affinity with plants, any forest or grove they live in is lush and healthy, just be careful of putting them too close to your garden, they love to dig for snacks."
  • Arctic Dragon - "Hailing from the far South, the arctic dragon is a rare sight in climates comfortable for wizards. The warrior-witch Hildegard Drakkenfjord is said to have walked across the Sea of Kizmar with two arctic dragons by her side, freezing the water beneath them as they went. This feat got her an epic poem written in her honor, but it's said her feet were never warm again."
  • Arcturian Dragon - "A particularly creative youngster came up with a rhyme to honor the arcturian dragon and it has since become quite popular among young and old alike.
    Twinkle, twinkle, little wyrm
    Up above the vale you burn
    Shooting toward the world so fast
    Here you come to stay at last
    From your home and down to our
    Little dragon from the stars"
  • Arid Dragon - "When you're an itty bitty thing like the arid dragon, it helps to have some extra armor on your side. It seems these dragons employ a magical exoskeleton to avoid being tromped on by their bigger brethren. If ever you're wandering Sandara Desert and see these empty exoskeletons lying about, fear not! Like little Valers outgrowing their school robes, sometimes the arid dragon needs to upgrade its duds."
  • Ash Dragon - "The strange expression all ash dragons have was caused by a loud magical boomstick going off near one of their ancestors. It's said the BOOM! was so loud it echoed through time and affected ash dragons throughout the generations. That seems almost as unlikely as the dead rising from their graves!"
  • Aubergine Dragon - "Even though aubergine dragons share an ancestral connection with nightshade dragons, they couldn't be more different. Our purple pals have a propensity to plunge prematurely into eruptions of giggles. It's a rare occasion that anyone understands the inspiration for such guffaws. Instead, bystanders try to egg it on for even bigger belly laughs."
  • Auroch Dragon - "The few magicfolk who have seen an auroch dragon, know full well to steer clear. These hefty creatures love to spend their unbridled energy running circles in dense fields of grass and wildflowers. With as many horns as it has, no witch or wizard would risk catching a glimpse of this ritual. When a meadow is mowed down to a single pile of vegetation, what's left for an auroch dragon to do? Jump in the mess, of course! This could be the only time these dragons smile, but no one is willing to walk into the bullseye of a mysterious crop circle to find out"
  • Aurora Dragon - "On a stargazing expedition to the far side of the world, the witch Zoria looked up to the sky one night and it dawned on her that something was very different. What originally appeared to be a wisp of cloud against the night sky very quickly drew into view as an aurora dragon! Though these dragons are a rare observance, they love to show off their luminescent colors to any wizard, witch, and visitor alike!"
  • Autumn Dragon - "Autumn dragons can be found roaming the Crane Forest. Autumn dragons normally shed prodigiously, which translates into a huge habitat maintenance problem. Thankfully, the alchemist Keats created a magical salve to prevent shedding."
  • Avarice Dragon - ""
  • Azurite Dragon - "When the ancients first happened upon a sleeping azurite dragon in the depths of the Gerias Mines, they mistook its brilliant blue hue for a magical aura thought to signify a rift in spacetime. Spurred to action, the ancients quickly cast a freezing spell, hoping to stop the assumed rift from expanding---what a surprise for the azurite dragon! Fortunately, the freezing spell did little more to the dragon than deepen the azure shade of its scales. You might say it was pretty chill about the misunderstanding. This dragon cannot be breed at this time"


  • Barite Dragon - "Not one of DragonVale's great dancers, the barite dragon. As a baby, its feet are almost as large as its head, making this adorably disproportionate dragon prone to tripping over itself. Fortunately, the clumsiness of the barite dragon improves with age; as a flightless dragon, it helps to have a leg up on coordination. Still, if you see a dancing barite dragon, you may want to give some space. This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Bearded Dragon - "Named by the Wizard Pogona, bearded dragons are named for the spikes protruding from their jaws. They can often be found lazing about, basking in the sun. Due to their solitary nature, they've often been mischaracterized as grumpy, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Bearded dragons take great interest in training younger dragons making sure they stay in line"
  • Berry Dragon - "While tending shrubberies one day, the young witch Nee found a young berry dragon playing. She fed it some dragon treats and was amazed when the berry dragon changed colors! Kindly by nature, these berry dragons not only love dragon treats, but love to show off their colors to all the visitors of your park!"
  • Bicentennial Dragon - "Rumored to only appear every great few ages, the bicentennial dragons are among the rarest dragons ever seen by the witches and wizards. On a chance encounter at the Garita volcano, the witch Komoria was surprised to find the bicentennial dragons following her back to the Vale. Darting in flight with their dual pairs of wings, these dragons rarely stay on the ground for long. Be sure to breed one before they return to the skies!"
  • Bilby Dragon - "The seasons of Burcadia are very curious indeed - for they are the inverse of our seasons in the Vale! When the summer sun shines down on us, cold reigns in the lands of Burcadia and the curious bilby dragons hibernate with their families beneath the frost. Likewise, just as the air turns chilly for us, the thin layers of ice recede in Burcadia and the bilby dragons emerge - so many that a whole sea of tufted ears can be seen covering the hills!"
  • Bismuth Dragon - "The Wizard Dayleeon sought the Fountain of Youth not only to cure the infirmities of old age, but also to banish the constant stomach pains that plagued him. It was eventually discovered that the Fountain's properties only applied to dragons, but Dayleeon found something much more valuable during his adventure: the bismuth dragon. This crystalline dragon's geometric adornments project a soothing aura that can cure the most upset of tummies. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Bizurian Dragon - "The Bizurian constellation is often regarded as the symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts. Its twin heads represent the branching paths at the outset of a journey and guide young travelers who have lost their way in the night. It seemed fitting, then, that the bizurian eggs found after the Star Fall should be given to the newest dragon breeders in the Vale."
  • Blazing Dragon - "The blazing dragon is a master of flight and is remarkably fast. Many attempts have been made to craft a magical blazing saddle, but thus far nothing could withstand the fire for long."
  • Blazing Gale Dragon - "Motto of the House of the Blazing Gale: "Unscorched, Untethered, Untroubled"
    Pi Roh, firework magic expert, took inspiration from the colorful plumage of the blazing gale dragon for his latest sky display. The blazing gale dragon, true to the House motto it inspired, seemed completely unfazed by this homage--it flew through Pi Roh's technics, cool as Kraken Kabbage, paying no attention to its noisy firework lookalikes."
  • Blightwing Dragon - "Little is know about the fascinating dragons that developed in the Rift, and the blightwing dragon is no exception. If only we could ask the dragon to tel us about the time in the Rift! ...actually, is there even time in the Rift? That's a timeless debate among Rift scholars. What might the blightwing dragon say if it could weigh in on the subject. Another unknowable to ponder!"
  • Blizzard Dragon - "The lost Ice Kings were believed to be responsible for unsavory weather at the top of the Berrywhite Mountains. Turns out it was just Blizzard dragons coughing and sneezing. Their colds have been cured and they are no longer contagious, so feel free to breed some and put them next to the other dragons in your park"
  • Bloatato Dragon - "Bloatato dragons can be somewhat oblivious, but don't assume they just sit around. There was once a sweating, hot bloatato dragon that was approximately four hops away from a shimmering puddle. It sat there staring at it for maybe an hour, yet it never made one wiggle toward the water. Then, with one swift action, it spread its scrawny wings and feverishly flapped. It made the short journey, stopped flying, and plummeted down into the puddle. Some say the dragon was so hot it sizzled as soon as it dropped."
  • Bloom Dragon - "The bloom dragon is found roaming the Cadberry Meadows near the beginning of Spring. These dragons have been known to hide their ornate eggs in some unusual places to protect them from Spring-time showers. Unfortunately it seems to have had the opposite effect because children have made a game out of finding them!"
  • Blue Fire Dragon - "We're not exactly sure where the blue fire dragon comes from. We didn't think it was possible. We're also not sure if their fire is cold or hot since no one has been brave enough to test it."
  • Blue Moon Dragon - "During the blue moon festival, a number of wizards buzzed about collecting its rare essence to the Moon Habitat in order to attract a blue moon dragon. It wasn't until days later the famous wizard Aiden Strongarm was able to find a way to bring the blue moon dragon back before it disappeared until... who knows when? It may have been one small step for dragons, but it was a giant leap for wizards."
  • Bog Dragon - "The bog dragon, discovered on a log in the fog, is something of a sea dog, spending most of its time floating amongst frogs. The wizard to discover this characteristic was so agog, he gave a monologue over some eggnog grog, hoping to start a dialogue and turn some cogs. Unfortunately, his speech was a slog."
  • Bogberry Dragon - "While traversing the dark Flame Swamp, adventurer Weston became stuck waist-deep in the thick mud. After several hours, a weary Weston saw a dragon of unusual size begin to take shape in the mists. A bogberry dragon eventually materialized, snagged Weston by the robes, and safely pulled him out of the muck. Most magicfolk still don't believe Weston's talk of being saved by a bogberry dragon while bogged down in a bog."
  • Bone Dragon - "Bone dragons can only be found for a couple weeks during the year. The rest of the year it is believed that they burrow underground near cemeteries to be around other bones. But I bet if you breed one and put it in a habitat with other bones, it would stick around. Or perhaps near a heat source to keep away the bone-chilling winter cold?"
  • Bonescale Dragon - "Little was known about the icy Caves of Ramora in the northern wastelands until an adventurous group of dragonologists set out to search for clues of ancient dragon life. While excavating the caves, a young wizard named Garant became excited when he unearthed a fully intact dragon skull! You can imagine his surprise when the skull began to move, followed by a long neck, wings, tail, oh my! It was a living dragon! Other bonescale dragons began to dig themselves out of the earth, curious to greet the newcomers and more than happy to accept a few treats. It turns out that bonescale dragons love to burrow into the earth to keep warm in the icy north. Clever dragons."
  • Bounteous Dragon - "When the harvest yields the most, bounteous dragons are always near. Witches and wizards constantly try to conjure new spells to deter these unabashed crop connoisseurs. Little do they know, these dragons are not selfish. These caring creatures are in fact making sure the hatchlings have more than enough to eat. Some bounteous dragons keep bringing treats after the babies grow into juveniles... sometimes even into adulthood."
  • Bouquet Dragon - "Bouquet dragons have very nurturing instincts. They make sure every dragon that shares their habitat is taken care of and bouquet dragons are the first dragon known to exhibit a behavior of cleaning up after other dragons, especially hatchling and juvenile dragons."
  • Bramble Dragon - "The Bramble Dragon has a thorny history among wizards and witches. Often found sleeping in heavily forested areas, this dragon is easy to miss until you stumble into it's prickly tail... and get stuck there. Nurses skilled in mending magic are frequently dispatched all over DragonVale to free the unfortunate folk who get tangled up with bramble dragons. The bramble dragons don't mind the attention, though; they get pretty attached to new friends."
  • Brass Dragon - "For a long time it was thought that dragons with multiple heads were nothing more than a myth. Thanks to the discovery of the brass dragon, we now know that they aren't a myth at all! Brass dragons are extremely social, especially with themselves."
  • Bronze Dragon - "Bronze dragons are extremely playful. The toymaker Lerner has spent years trying to create a toy strong enough for bronze dragons. Unfortunately, park owners report that none of the toys have lasted more than 10 minutes. Back to the drawing board."
  • Bronze Olympus Dragon - "The majestic olympus dragon. These rare dragons were discovered at the top of Mount Oly and three distinct types are known to exist. This bronze variation is said to be the most common."
  • Bubble Dragon - "Valefolk almost equivocally agree that the bubble dragon is one of the cutest dragons ever discovered. In fact, it's so cute, grown witches and wizards will find themselves helpless to do anything more than babble in baby-talk every time they encounter one of these adorable creatures. There's even a name for the phenomenon: Bubble Babble!"
  • Burglehoo Dragon - ""
  • Butterfly Dragon - "Flightless as babies, the amazing butterfly dragons transform into multi-winged magnificent creatures. They can be found fluttering around the lush Sykie Meadows. Their large and beautiful wings are sure to attract visitors... unless the visitor mistakes their wings for a fearsome wingaling dragon."


  • Cactus Dragon - "Despite its rather prickly appearance the cactus dragon is one of the gentlest of all the dragons. It loves to pounce and play with people. Kind of like a great big cat. With sharp spikes instead of fur. Maybe it's best if your guests keep a safe distance from it."
  • Candescent Dragon - "From the scrolls of Hy Koo:
    Twisty shining tail,
    Eyes alight, fierce and blazing,
    A 'burnin within."
  • Candlecrown Dragon - "Candlecrown dragons tend to get their exercise in the crisp coolness of the night. For someone Valefolk, who work ‘round the clock, this dragon can be a startling sight. With this dragon’s green hide remaining hidden in the moonight, the adored phantasmal flames appear to float through the Vale without an owner. The busy witches and wizards, who never stop working, usually take this as a sign they should go home and rest."
  • Carnival Dragon- "The first known Carnival dragon emerged from hibernation near the end of a particularly long and bitter winter. Spied from the ivory tower of the great wizard Orlon, its brilliant colors and high energy snapped him out of the gloom he'd been lost in, contemplating the nature of Wizardkind. In that instant, he cast off his Master's robes, throwing his rings and charms and gold to the crowds who gathered to cheer him as he danced after the dragon out of town. When he returned, the people hardly recognized the cheerful, boisterous, and much rounder wizard as the same gloomy Master Wizard they had known. It was said that the old Orlon had gone forever, and the new Orlon was full of life and joy -- using his powerful magic now only for the creation of world class food and drink. New Orlon's is the most popular place to celebrate to this very day!"
  • Cave Dragon - "Found deep in the Tull Caverns, cave dragons have adapted googly eyes to see in the dark. Their long jointed legs make them excellent runners, able to clear large boulders whilst staying in full stride."
  • Cerberus Dragon - "Triple the heads, triple the cute, triple the love of Dragon Fruit!
    Some say its eyes are little bit freaky, but the cerberus dragon isn't mean---just cheeky!
    Its breath is worse than its bite, it's said, but yours would be, too, with that many heads!"
  • Celerulean Dragon - "It's not easy to spot this dragon's astral namesake when gazing up into the cosmic abyss. The blue stars of the Celerulean cluster are so small and so far away, you would need a seriously-magically-tricked-out-telescope to catch a glimpse of their glimmer. Fortunately, having a celerulean dragon in your park is even better!"
  • Celtic Dragon - "Nestled somewhere between the Shimmering Isles and the edge of the Skyie Meadows lives an ultra rare breed, the celtic dragon. O'Hara the Stout, a brewer of magical potions, and Wizard Brezhoneg were inspired by a celtic dragon's golden knotted horns and worked some magic to allow these dragons to come and live at the end of the rainbow habitat. Unfortunately, that magic will unravel soon and the celtic dragon will be gone."
  • Century Dragon - "Astounding! The wizards have discovered the Century dragon, the 100th dragon available to breed and display in your park. Luckily these dragons move a bit slow or they would have been the 90th dragon. These peaceful and wise dragons are visiting from Glacier Point but will eventually return home, so don't forget to breed several for your park!"
  • Char Dragon - "From the homework scrolls of the House of Hidden Bolt: "C is for cunning, charming, and clever; H is for heat-the hotter, the better! A is for being so awesomely aflame, R is for the ravenous and... I'm not very good at rhyming and probably won't do well on this assignment."
  • Chimneypuff Dragon - "There's only one type of dragon that is drawn to the smell of a failed fire spell. When Valers can't complete a combustible conjuration, chimneypuff dragons congregate, Three or four... or even five of them will swoop down your chimney andplop out into the fireplace. Here they'll gather and cough tiny fireballs to help ignite the kindling. Once the blaze is burning bright, they bow their heads, shake off a bit of soot, and flutterto the next cottage. Some folk even reward these hearth-helpers with a spoonful of sugar."
  • Chitin Dragon - ""
  • Chromacorn Dragon - "Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of Whitedragon, there lived a fair princess named Eris who was said to have the purest of hearts. One day, Eris was in the woods collecting wildflowers when she came upon a peaceful clearing with a still crystal pond. A chromacorn dragon, previously thought to be a legend, stood gazing at its reflection in the waters; it appeared to be stuck in a trance, mesmerized by its own beauty! Eris spoke patiently to the dragon, being careful not to startle the creature, and eventually freed the chromacorn dragon from its trance. To thank the fair maiden, the dragon flew her back to the Whitedragon castle to astonished onlookers, and there they lived happily ever after as best friends."
  • Chrome Dragon - "The chrome dragon is a vain dragon and has often been caught looking at its own reflection off of its shiny scales. Even though this dragon is extremely docile, it's probably best to approach it with caution. The sun's bright reflection has been known to start the occasional fire."
  • Chrysalis Dragon - "Springtime seems to be this dragon's favorite time of year. As a baby, the chrysalis dragon will happily wriggle along in its habitat, charming visitors with its cuteness. Once it grows up a bit, the chrysalis dragon blossoms some sweet plumage. Who needs wings when you have a spike beard?"
  • Clover Dragon - "The mischievous and reclusive clover dragon can be found roaming the meadows of Ulster during a certain time of the year. Should you be lucky enough to have a clover dragon it is sure to make other park owners green with envy! These dragons delight at playing tricks on others and have been known to, um, "hide" things. Maybe it's best if your guests check their pockets before they leave."
  • Coal Dragon - "It is said that before the discovery of magic, humans relied on far more crude ways of meeting their needs. They burned a black stone called coal, named for the coal dragons whose skin it so resembles. This time of year the wizards exchange coal dragon eggs with each other to remember hardships endured by those who lacked the companionship of dragons."
  • Cocoahollow Dragon - "This velvety brown dragon hails from the hollow dens of the Theobroma hills. Its color is thought to originate from its affinity for a local rich tuber treat growing in the vicinity of the hollows. Once the wizards learned they could by coaxed out of their dens with dragon treats instead, the cocoahollow dragons have been hopping with delight ever since."
  • Cold Dragon - "The cold dragon is revered in the northern countries where people will often worship them and offer them food in exchange for protection. Some tribes refer to them as the grandfathers of the North because of the signature fur that grows near the front of their mouths. This is the most intelligent of all the common dragon breeds known."
  • Coldforge Dragon - "Wimbledrip Blunderpond is best known as the inventor of the water- and frost-resistant Wonder Wand, but his discovery of the coldforge dragon is nothing to sneeze at! The endearingly bumbling inventor was working on his latest idea--a levitating cauldron for mid-broomflight potion brewing--when he was interrupted by an alarming THUMP on the roof of his cottage. Wimbledrip ran to investigate what turned out to be a very disoriented dragon! Apparently, the resisted frost particles from Wimbledrip's wand invention had to coalesce somewhere, which happened to be Wimbledrip's roof. The coldforge dragon was drawn to this particulate pocket of freezy-chilly magic. No harm done to the dragon (or Wimbledrip's roof), but it looks like it's back to the drawing board for Wimbledrip's Wonder Wand."
  • Cold Rift Dragon​"Sporting a dapper coat of furscales, the cold rift dragon has no problems keeping warm in the freezy-cold pockets of the Rift. Also handy are the eyes of this dragon, which dim the otherwise impassable glare of the Rift's icy chaos caves, and allow the cold rift dragon to take residence inside. Gwyddion the Great Nogard is amazed by this adaptability. "We could learn a thing or two from the development of these clever dragons!"
  • Comet Dragon - "Galaxy dragons are Ashlee's absolute favorite type of dragon. So when her parents told her about the arrival of the Comet dragon, she could hardly form complete sentences. "C-Can we p-please go visit the dragon park?" Ashlee stuttered. That night, she watched the comet dragons execute supersonic dives that ignited bright coronas of vaporizing ice. As she watched them zip and zoom in bright streaks that lit up the night sky, Ashlee was sure that the comet dragon would be her new favorite. Until the next galaxy dragon came along, of course."
  • Conch Dragon - "If you were to put your ear to a conch dragon's wing, you'd be able to hear the ocean! Which is fortunate, since living on islands in the sky means there's not a whole lot of opportunity to hear the ocean. Thanks, conch dragon!"
  • Conifer Dragon - "Valefolk look upon the conifer dragon as a symbol of wisdom--and who wouldn't? Just look at those massive, magnificent eyebrows! Nothing says "confounded by cravings for Kraken Kabbage" like a bold, bushy brow."
  • Copper Dragon - "Our wizards tell us that other than their ornate horns, copper dragons are a solid color before hatching. It is only through an odd natural process that they obtain the green hue that is seen on their wings and belly. They are thought to shed the rest of their scales periodically, which keeps them looking as good as new! It's strange that no one ever sees them laying around, where do they all go?!"
  • Coral Dragon - "Formations in the shallow areas of the Crimson Sea have always appeared hazardous, so everyone sailed safely around them. Magical treat expert and excellent witch, Jayme the Cook noticed that charts of the regions always contained discrepancies in the shape and location of these formations, so she decided to investigate the phenomenon. Sailing close and examining carefully, she discovered that it was a new type of dragon, the coral dragon."
  • Corrupticorn Dragon - ""
  • Cotton Dragon - "Coinciding with the anniversary of the magic that makes DragonVale possible is the arrival of cotton dragons. The magical fibers that the cotton dragons shed during this time is actually what the wizards and witches of DragonVale make their robes out of. The touch, the feel of magic... cotton."
  • Crypt Dragon - "The crypt dragon gets its name due to often being found near mausoleums and cemeteries. They have no connection with the undead, they just like the quiet."
  • Crystal Dragon - "The crystal dragon hoards shiny things. So as long as you don't look too greedy around it, this dragon will be quite content to let you hang around."
  • Cuddlewing Dragon - "Don't you just adore this cuddlewing dragon? Its unique patterning of heart scales makes magicfolk "ooh" and "aww" (but mostly "aww.") Even its horns and wings are heart-shaped! You could say this dragon has a lot of heart... but the Preternatural Parliament for the Prevention of Painful Puns recommends that you don't."
  • Cumberpatch Dragon - "If you don't look closely, you might miss the cumberpatch dragon entirely. The dragon likes to play a clever imitation game with nearby foliage, and is easily passed over. That's why it took sleuthing wizard Benedict Holmes to originally discover this hidden dragon!"
  • Cumulus Dragon - "If ever you've looked up and thought you've spotted a dragon in the clouds, you weren't just imagining things--there actually ARE dragons up there! At least the cumulus dragon is up there wearing a satisfied smirk due to its penchant for tricking cloud-gazers. Then again, maybe it's daydreaming of Kraken Kabbage... *wistful sigh*"
  • Curlyleaf Dragon - "Baby curlyleaf dragons are some of the cutest in the Vale, but they avoid magicfolk regularly. An adult dragon can duck behind it's broad wings if it cares not to engage in social activities, but a baby is just a tuft of green with nowhere to hide. If a verdant ball is seen rolling down a hill, it's safe to assume it's a shy curlyleaf baby escaping an awkward situation."
  • Current Dragon - "Though current dragons are mostly known for making people's hair stand on end, it has been said that when no one's looking these rare dragons put on flashy, electrical displays for each other. Maybe if your guests hide they'll be able to see the show!"
  • Cyclops Dragon - "The cyclops dragon was first discovered when one visited the renowned wizard Harry's house. They immediately saw eye to eye. Harry labored over a spell that would allow them to thrive in Olympus habitats. Fun fact: Harry spends most of his efforts in creating a spell that will pause time."


  • Dandelion dragon - "From the scrolls of the poet Hy Koo:
    Fluffy wisps and wings
    Breeze-floating dandelions
    Dreaming of blushrooms"
  • Dark Dragon - "Torn from our world long ago, Dark Dragons have returned to herald true balance to magic. Due to their lack of excellent eyesight they often get very close to... everything. Their fierce loyalty and companionship have made them quick favorites of many members of the wizarding community."
  • Dark Rift Dragon - "What? Another rift dragon? The wizards thought only the first magic would imbue rift eggs, but so much Dark Magic was cast through the rift that a new type of rift dragon was made possible."
  • Darkling Dragon - "The High Plains of Faridat were visited by a frightening phenomenon that saw lightning bursts fly up from the ground and into the sky. The dwellers there named them "Darkling" strikes and would run indoors when the shocks came. That is, until Professor Olivine discovered a sneaky group of hybrid dragons were the source. The good professor gathered them in DragonVale, where their talents could be used to amaze rather than terrify.
  • Dartwing Dragon - "Baby dartwing dragons almost never settle down. They zip around checking brightly colored hats for sweet nectar, but will sometimes knock one to the ground amid their zealous efforts. Wizards with dirty hats consistently mistake this for a mischievous spell and young Valers usually catch the blame. A slight hum that accompanies the ruckus is the only clue to the identity of the true culprit."
  • Dawn Dragon - "Majestic as the rising sun, the dawn dragon is a sight to behold. Normally, Epic Dragons avoid the breeding cave, but tales exist of two such dragons following some of the rare Fireflies into the cave and the next morning, with the rising of the sun came the dawn dragon."
  • Dawnbringer Dragon - "From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the Dawnbringer Dragon: Dawnbringer, light giver, Guide the sun to rise, And when the world is sleeping, Descend from darkened skies. And when the day should break anew, No dragon for the task but you."
  • Daydream Dragon - "Do not be surprised to see your visitors gather near the Dream Habitat. It is easy to get lost in thought while gazing upon the Daydream Dragon. It is almost as if you can hear the quiet thrum of a distant ocean shore, the soft melodies of a stringed instrument, drifting off into a bit of a haze wondering..."
  • Dazzling Dragon - "One starry eve, astromancer Noel dePlante was gazing up through his telescope when he saw something in the sky that was so bright, he was temporarily blinded and had to look away. Compelled to discover what space sight could be so bright, Noel magicked up a way to dim dazzle shining through his telescope. And so was the first observation of the Dazzling Dragon since Vinturfjordian legend, flying through the night sky with its signature glow as if one with the stars."
  • Decay Dragon - "The decay dragon is the star of spooky bedtime story in the Vale, giving it somewhat of an unfair reputation. Parents tell their children not to play tricks, or else the decay dragon will drag them from their beds and bring them to a horrible land without candy! In reality, though, the decay dragon's interests are more about eating treats, and less about dragging little witches and wizards off into the night."
  • Delight Dragon - "Yay, it's the delight dragon! Look at how happy it looks! That happiness is infectious! Literally infectious! Any who visit the delight dragon just can't stop smiling, laughing, and writing with overzealous exclamation points! It's actually something of a problem, but everyone is just too darn happy to care! Three cheers for the delight dragon!"
  • Delirium Dragon - "Nogard, O Nogard, what does a great dragon make? Is it a cavernous clack or a twistiforous shake? Perhaps it is the poise with which it dances, or staring eyes that bring on trances? The value of a dragon, Nogard concludes, lies not in its parts, but in the imaginings it brews."
  • Diamond Dragon - "A helpless romantic, the wizard Adam Anteen always loved diamond dragons. Unfortunately, these beautiful creatures are hard headed and refuse to live anywhere outside the frozen highlands. Under a lot of pressure Anteen discovered a way these incredible dragons can live on the Gemstone Island. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Djinni Dragon - ""
  • Dodo Dragon - "Cave drawings of the dodo dragon were first discovered on Mooretoss Island long ago by the great explorer Lewis Dodoson. They depict an ancient, flightless, and rather clumsy dragon. For centuries it was thought to be extinct, but we now know that while the dodo dragon may be rare, it is certainly not extinct! I wonder what other dragons have yet to be discovered!"
  • Double Rainbow Dragon - "Dismissed as wild speculation, muddled magic or the mad ravings of the witch Zamora, the rarest of the rare dragons, the double rainbow dragon is a magical marvel. After glimpsing one as a child, Zamora devoted the rest of her life searching for this most elusive dragon. She has finally succeeded and worked a complex spell to allow them to be bred."
  • Double Leap Year Dragon - "Double leap year, double dragon heads! Truly, two heads are better than none, because how would you feed a dragon without a head? Of course, with two heads come other pertinent questions: Which head controls the feet? What happens if they get into a staring contest? Can they communicate telepathically? Don't you wish you had a second head, too?"
  • Dracabra Dragon - "Tales from legends inspired by a coven of witches to follow a seemingly lost baby dracabra dragon. They followed its erratic flight until it took rest high atop a tree. There, it clung to a branch and hung upside-down, wary of its observers. The coven dispersed for fear of spooking the young creature. The witches returned when dawn broke and were astonished to find a fully grown dragon! Somehow, the dracabra had managed to sneak off and gorge itself on treats, growing to full size overnight!"
  • Dream Dragon - "What dragons may come, when we have shuffled off this vale's veil, and worked magic while we slumbered? Well, it seems Young Witch Feiljean fell asleep practicing at her spells one night, but kept right on casting. In fact, others watched in wonder as the slumbering apprentice worked magic more powerful than all but a few have ever seen! When the night was over, most of the magic had faded away, but the great, strange dragons that had appeared that night remained. They are beautiful but elusive creatures, and tend to vanish quickly if you approach them directly."
  • Dungeon Dragon - "The wizard Guy Gacks, son of Arne, was the first person to discover the dungeon dragon deep in an ancient network of catacombs. The entrance to the catacombs is near a keep on the borderlands between the Sandara Desert and the Drag Marshes."
  • Dusk Dragon - "Mottled by the stars, the dusk dragon moves as fluidly as the eventide, like a leaf on the wind. The first known account of this celestial creature was written by the brave adventurer, Mal'Gorram, whose poignant exclamation still hold true, "Shiny!" "
  • Duskwing Dragon - "Ancient scrolls tell the tail -- er, TALE -- of the duskwing dragon as the bearer of the night sky, flying over the Vale at every sunset with the dusk on its wings. The legend persisted for some time, but after further study, it looks like the duskwing dragon just likes flying at sunset. Hey, if you had wings, you'd probably like flying at sunset too."


  • Earth Dragon - "Despite the harshness of their habitat, the Earth Dragon is the least restless of all known breeds. They are supremely well adapted for their desert homes with thick skin and large bodies to store water. The spikes on their back offer protection from predators, but honestly, what animal in its right mind would think to take on one of these massive beasts?"
  • Earth Rift Dragon​"One thing is true of earth dragons and earth rift dragons alike: they're a grounded bunch. The earth dragon's brush chaotic Rift magic might have changed its appearance, but the old adage still applies. Gwyddion the Great Nogard is heartened by this idea. "Perhaps this means that chaos magic on the Surface below has dissipated to harmless levels, too," he mused to Gardenia. "Someone should go down there and find out!"
  • Electrum Dragon - "While experimenting with lightning magic, three wizard brothers from the Stater family attracted the attention of an electrum dragon. Shocked at the discovery of a new Treasure dragon, they quickly dispatched in all directions to inform everyone of this new, epic breed."
  • Elysium Dragon - "If you climb Mount Oly, up past Competitions Ridge, up even higher than the clouds, you will find the peak: Elysium. There, wizened wizards and witches can set down their wands and reflect on their long, magical lives. It is there that the Elysium dragon wanders, spreading auras of calm introspection and remembered dreams."
  • Ember Dragon - "Light and Fire come together in an amazing display in the ember dragon. The first time they were seen by a wizard, he mistakenly cast a dousing water spell because he thought the ember dragon's wings were actually on fire."
  • Emerald Dragon - "Should you be lucky enough to breed an emerald dragon, you may notice they're imbued with a special magic from the Shimmering Isles. Small but powerful, the emerald dragon magically generates gems...making it, and other gemstone dragons, the most sought after dragons in all the land. Emerald dragons originate from the crystal forests hidden within the Sedna Mountains. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Embossed Dragon - "With the stars shining bright overhead, the young musician, Rella, decided to take some time on the anniversary of the Vale to ponder and celebrate the last seven years. She found a calm meadow and began to play her harp and became lost in the music. She played for several hours until she heard a harmony join her chorus. The young witch looked for the source of the sweet music and was awed to see an embossed dragon had joined her, using the strings strung on its tail to accompany the music. The song continued into the night -- witch and dragon celebrating not only past years, but bright ones to come."
  • Epoch Dragon - "In a feat of nigh unheard-of magic, the epoch dragon ages backward, hatching as a full-grown adult and aging (or is it de-aging?) to a little dragonling. There are numerous expert theories as to how this unusual magic works. Some say Kairos sneezed on the first epoch egg and these dragons have been aging backward ever since. Others say that tendrils of the Cataclysm's chaotic energy found their way into an epoch dragon's nest and reversed the flow of time. No one really knows! Everyone can agree, however, that this dragon is as adorable as it is interesting"
  • Equinox Dragon - "Two times each year, when night and day become equals, equinox dragons reveal themselves. Celebrations for the arrival of these dragons vary greatly, but villages graced with their presence are said to have an especially bountiful harvest. Wizards have since proven this tale to be untrue, but the festivals are so fun, they keep that little secret."
  • Eridanian Dragon - "Nobody is certain about what lies in the core of a star, but the Eridanian Dragon may be the closest we'll ever get. Noel dePlante thinks it's possible that the first dragons of this kind were formed in the sputtering embers of stars that burned out and fell to the ground. Perhaps this little one is giving us a glimpse into the beginning of time itself."
  • Eve Dragon - ""
  • Evergreen Dragon - "First found in the forests of Farn, the evergreen dragon is one of the few dragons known to roam in large groups. Coming across them in the wild may be a sight to behold, but beware; evergreen dragons are particularly prickly and properly protective of their progeny."


  • Faire Dragon - "Step right up, step right up! Feast your eyes on the fabulous faire dragon! Fleet in flight, though never fleeting, it's faithful to friends for whom it fervently fends, without ever fearing or fleeting. But first and foremost, folks will find, festivals and feasts are its favorite pastime."
  • Fates Dragon - "Triple, triple wings a-ripple, breaths a-blast and tails a-wriggle,
    three as one,
    a woven pack,
    each believed to have a knack:
    one for spinning, one for spanning,
    one for chomping--fateful planning!"
  • Feast Dragon - "When visiting the feast dragon in its habitat, it's wise to bring a snack, or even an entire picnic. The aura that wafts from this dragon strikes people with a nearly insatiable hunger. Smart park-planners place a DragINN nearby to help any voracious visitors. It might also be wise to stock up on some stretchy wizard robes."
  • Fire Dragon - "When you think of dragons, the fierce fire dragon is probably at the forefront of your thoughts. It is true that these beasts get cranky when they are cold. All you have to do is keep them warm and they become as harmless as the ground beneath their feet! Never mind that their feet are typically found above active volcanoes."
  • Fire Rift Dragon - "What a dragon! Gwyddion the Great Nogard theorizes that the fire rift dragon was once an ordinary fire dragon who encountered chaos magic from the Rift. Fortunately, the potency of this chaos magic seems to be only on the low end; the only effects observed so far have been decorative. maybe keep an eye on this li'l fella, though, lest it develop... other... Rift qualities."
  • Fireflight Dragon - "Mornings are majestic for magicfolk who awake at dawn. Even at night their wings don't rest. Their involuntary behavior forms a makeshift tent to protect the creatures from rain and snow, but the prolonged formation lifts them into the air by sunrise. They serenely float along until gentle breezes rouse the dragons and they descend to start their day. Early risers in the Vale boast the beauty of this daily ritual but jealous friends say they're full of hot air."
  • Firefly Dragon - "The magical glow from their tails can be seen in the skies for miles around. They look like stars at night. Their insect-like shape tends to scare people away, but I think they're kind of cute!"
  • Firework Dragon - "Wizards often use firework spells to light up the sky for celebrations. One year, a young wizard named Vander Horck, determined to create the most magnificent firework display in history, decided to change the spell. Upon its casting, the spell burst high in the air with a bright red glare more splendid than anyone could have imagined. In response to the magnificent display, thousands of colorful firework dragons poured into the night sky and to this day are only seen during grand celebrations."
  • Fissure Dragon - "Nestled deep within Laki Chasm is a cave. Within that cave is a lake. And at the bottom of that lake is yet another cave. And within that cave at the bottom of the lake in the cave is yet *another* lake. And–-well, you get the idea. It goes on for quite a while. Such is the perilous path to reach the home of the fissure dragon, deep in the earthen core of the chasm. The only wizard up for the journey wasn't a wizard at all, but a witch named Penny Syll ("Pen" for short). As it turns out, she was just trying to find a quiet place to do some spellwriting–-wasn't even trying to discover a dragon. What luck!"
  • Flash Dragon - "The Lightning Dragon Master was experimenting with a major spell to improve the Lightning Boost at the exact moment Light Magic reentered the world of DragonVale. His favorite irksome lightning dragon, Wally, seemed to have been transformed into a new breed, the flash dragon. Capable of darting around at unnatural speeds, flash dragons have been nicknamed 'scarlet speedsters'."
  • Flicker Dragon - "What are the twinkling lights that float around this gentle creature? For a long time, the prevailing theory was that the flicker dragon traveled the tundra, drawn to stray fireflies. The people of the north would set candles on their window sills, which would sometimes attract a passing dragon. One day, a wise wizard pointed out that fireflies don't, in fact, line anywhere near the far north. It appears the flicker dragon was just making social visits!"
  • Flower Dragon - "The bright flower dragon is a favorite among dragon hobbyists. Though they sometimes get carried away, they aren't really dangerous. Just remember that they only bite because they think it's playing. It's important to train them not to bite before they get too big."
  • Fluorescent Dragon - "The fluorescent dragon's hide is super glossy, thanks to a heaping dose of powerful light magic--which comes in handy if ever you're spelunking or lost in an especially shadowy alternate dimension. What better adventuring companion than a glow-in-the-dark dragon?"
  • Flurry Dragon - "You can thank Lumi, the lovely little winter witch, for the discovery of the flurry dragon. While creating her patented cauldron-to-sky snowflakes one particularly blustery winter, a dragon came careering out of the sky and plopped right in the cauldron! It seemed the flurry dragon couldn't resist the allure of a fresh batch of snow--so much so that it wouldn't leave. Lumi had to suspend snowfall that day, but it was worth it for a fellow flurry-fanatical friend."
  • Fog Dragon - "Very little has ever been recorded about this gentle beast. Something about being in the presence of a fog dragon is so relaxing that any person who set out to observe them up-close wound up forgetting to write anything down. Our oldest records recount one person's memory of his encounter as 'a little hazy'."
  • Forest Dragon - "Often seen stomping around with moss dragons, the forest dragon is a particularly social creature. Similar to the evergreen dragon, you will often find forest dragons frolicking in groups."
  • Forge Dragon - "The forge dragon's molten glow is not just for the show; an intense heat radiates from them. Forge dragons have been known to become so hot that they melt their footprints into solid metal, which makes tracking them extremely easy. Unfortunately, their tracks usually lead to the heart of large volcanoes which makes following them... less than desirable."
  • Frostbite Dragon - "Wizards with especially chilly islands all agree the frostbite dragon is the best discovery since the return of the dark dragons. Their peculiar talent for gobbling up massive quantities of snow is what earned them this appreciation and their name."
  • Frostfire Dragon - "While researching his forthcoming work, The Origins of Dragons, Professor Dravin happened upon the uncharted Palagos Islands and returned with a hatchling that astonished the wizards--the worlds first frostfire dragon."
  • Frostflower Dragon - "As dragons go, the frostflower is a very particular creature. It tends to reveal itself in the wild only when conditions are *just* right- cold, but not too cold, and dark, but not too dark, and covered, but not too covered. And they're shy, to boot- sheesh! If you were to sneak up on an unsuspecting herd of frostflowers, you can be certain they'd flee faster than an iceberg dragon in a fire habitat. But don't do that! That's just cold."
  • Frostfluff Dragon - "Gwyddion's Field Notes from the Rift:
    "Day 5 in the Rift. Adopted a dragon disguise to track a new Rift-touched dragon. Am observing from a distance so as not to disturb its natural behavior. Seems to be primarily of the Cold trait family. Appears to be incredibly fluffy and adorable. Must quell urge to abandon disguise and pinch cheeks. Temptation proving increasingly difficult to keep at bay. So... cute... cannot... resist... tiny... baby... fluffface..."
  • Fungus Dragon - "The fungus dragons have an interesting trait. They have gills that allow their mouth to expand to fit an impressive number of treats! Reading the notes of the Witch Hyphae, "They're also very friendly and have been known to like people." Wait.. does that say 'lick people'?"


  • Gaia - "Some say Gaia existed before anything else existed. She is often called The First Dragon, Sibling to Kairos, Bringer of Beginnings, Mother of Magic. Whatever her true origins, Gaia possesses a unique nurturing magic that allows her to speed up the hatching process."
  • Gamma Dragon - "The origin of the gamma dragon, as told by the wizard Kirbixblee, starts with a particularly monstrous lightning strike to a banner flying atop the ancient Ferrigneaux Academy. A never before seen magical reaction occurred and these once tiny and gentle dragons exploded out into the greater world, suddenly huge and green."
  • Garden Dragon - "Gardenia has an affinity for the garden dragon - then again, it's quite hard not to be fond of a this green cutie, especially when it shares part of your name!"
  • Gargoyle Dragon - "Gardenia was befuddled when treats started to go missing from her garden. After closer inspection, she discovered a Gargoyle dragon impersonating a statue among her zazzberry bushes! These sneaky dragons can stand still for long stretches of time, bolting to snatch a mouthful of treats while your back is turned and returning to their original positions as you turn to look. Don't blink; they move so fast you might miss it!"
  • Garland Dragon - "Gallantly gathering fruit and flora to celebrate the 4th anniversary of magic at DragonVale, the witch Gardenia stumbled upon an incredibly beautiful and particularly stubborn bushel of blossoms to pick. Nestled deep in the verdant vines of an ancient, magical tree, the Garland Dragon was awoken by Gardenia. The majestic creature stood up and Gardenia instantly knew this guest would guarantee a grandiose celebration."
  • Garnet Dragon - "First discovered in several inlets of the Shimmering Isles, Garnet dragons were initially believed unsuitable for parks because of their abrasive attitudes. Fortunately, the witch Amalthea showed how to properly tame and care for these beautiful creatures. Ever since, wizards have found these dragons to be a blast! This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Geode Dragon - "These dragons were recently discovered deep within the Tull Caverns. The Wizard scholars are abuzz with the mysteries surrounding this dragon, some theorize that they are the ancient ancestors of gemstone dragons. While sharing a marked resemblance to gemstone dragons, they are unable to generate magic gems and retain the ability to breed with other dragons."
  • Ghast Dragon -"The great Vale poet Hy Koo was so taken with the ghast dragon, he couldn't help but pen a stanza:
    Skull-horn'ed dragon
    A phantasm in the Rift
    Drifts upon the gales"
  • Ghost Dragon - "Often mistaken as the spirit of an ancient and benevolent dragon, the ghost dragon remains somewhat of a mystery. Reading the notes of the wizard Sam Hain, "The ghost dragon only shows up in the middle of the Fall, usually in conjunction with the bone dragon. My advice? Don't be afraid of no ghosts!" "
  • Ghostly Bone Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Cold Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Decay Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Earth Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Fire Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Ghost Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Glacier Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Lava Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Mountain Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Nosferatu Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Obsidian Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Oni Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Spectre Dragon - ""
  • Ghostly Spirit Dragon - ""
  • Gift Dragon - "These crafty creatures snuck into the bag of holding of the magical toymaker Sandakloz. After being studied over the holidays, the wizards have found a way to counteract the singularity magic that prevented more than one existing in the same place at the same time. Clever Wizards!"
  • Glacier Dragon - "Tremendous eaters, glacier dragons follow the first rule of geography, never get separated from your lunch. Trails of excess water in your habitat? We assure you that's meltwater, not an accident."
  • Glare Dragon - "Between the Frozen Highlands and the Garita Volcano is a bland and icy wasteland. The explorer Addison willed himself to travel on foot and find the fabled Caves of Ramora. Stranded and lost, in an exhausted and phobic haze, he was led to the Caves by a wandering glare dragon."
  • Glass Dragon - "The oils in the hide of the glass dragon give it a glossy appearance and the mixture of Light and Earth Magic somehow colorizes their horns and wings in spectacular displays of beauty."
  • Glimmerwing Dragon - "While performing late night crystal scrying in her observatory, the astronomancer Valentina heard a curious sound coming from outside. There she saw a wondrous sight: a glimmerwing dragon had become enthralled by one of the many crystal globes placed about the observatory. Cooing and awing at its own reflection, the dragon hardly noticed as Valentina recorded all she could before the dragon departed into the night. Since then, wizards and witches have always lit up at the chance to see these rare nighttime wonders."
  • Glowwing Dragon - "Have you ever visited the magical everflowering flower fields of the Burcadian Highlands? It's quite a sight! Chrysalis dragons far and wide flock to the fields to swoop and dive amidst the blossoms. The colorful glowwing dragon often leads the charge to frolicking! Being neon-hued has its beacon-like perks."
  • Gold Dragon - "The world famous treasure hunter, Thatche, was finding some of his spoils disappearing at night; with no sign of thieves he decided to pretend sleep in order to find out what was causing his treasure to vanish. To Thatche's surprise, he witnessed a massive golden dragon swoop in and fly off with as much as it could carry! The wizards found later that gold dragons steal because they sleep on piles of gold for pillows."
  • Gold Olympus Dragon - "The majestic olympus dragon. Forged in the fires of Mount D...wait...that's the wrong scroll, sorry about that. The ancient breed of Olympus dragons are fierce competitors in the wild, although when teamwork is called for, no dragon is more focused than an Olympus dragon. The Gold variety is the largest and rarest form of this type of dragon."
  • Gourd Dragon - "The wizards and witches agree: the more bumps on the dragon, the better the harvest will be! Which is splendid news with the arrival of the gourd, as the harvest will yield a fabulous hoard!"
  • Gullettail Dragon - ""


  • Hail Dragon - "Wizards have been noticing, and repairing, dents to their decorations for some time. The cause... hail dragons. The damage was unintentional. Hail dragons simply wag their tails enthusiastically when they see cool decorations. Now that they live in cold and lightning habitats, rest assured your decorations are safe."
  • Hakahaka Dragon - ""
  • Halo Dragon - "Elmin the Stirrer achieved culinary fame when he completed his first legendary angel food cake. Once the cake was baked and the kitchen shutters opened, the powerful aroma brought gawkers from far and wide. The heavenly scent even wafted high into the clouds, from where it drew a dragon that nobody had seen before. That day marked both the introduction of the halo dragon and Elmin's ascent to the title of Master Chef."
  • Harvest Dragon - "The harvest dragon has a peculiar penchant for pulling plants from the ground. Long ago, clever farmers would line up their fields with the harvest dragon's migratory paths. This would save them days of labor and the harvest dragons would be rewarded with piles of treats. The farmers would have to take care to send the dragons on their way eventually, lest any stragglers stayed to 'harvest' freshly planted crops!"
  • Harvest Moon Dragon - "The outrageously orange harvest moon is a rare sighting in the Vale, usually occurring in the late summer or early autumn--but yet more rare is the harvest moon dragon! This shy sweetie seems to be smitten with its namesake, generally appearing when the lunar orb is cast in harvest hues. You might consider decorating your park in shades of orange to make this dragon feel right at home!"
  • Heat Dragon - "The blue gossamer wings of the heat dragon emanate a magical warmth sure to please any and all visitors to your park."
  • Herald Dragon - "From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the herald dragon:
    Herald dragon, epoch sentry,
    Omen of the aeons,
    Usher forth the changing times,
    O trumpeter of seasons.
    When you soar across the skies,
    Our spirits you revitalize."
  • Hidden Bolt Dragon - "Motto of the House of the Hidden Bolt: "Sparking Curiosity"
    Look at that mischievous expression! The hidden bolt dragon is like the cat that swallowed the canary... if the canary were made of lightning, that is. It's easy to see where the mischief-makers of the House of the Hidden Bolt got their inspiration for impishness."
  • Holly Dragon - "Witches and wizards have long admired the festive appearance of the holly dragon. Given its preference for sleeping curled up in a circle, this docile dragon is often mistaken for a decorative winter wreath. Once, Dragonvale's resident expert in magical shrubs and herbs, Andi Eyevee, mistook a pile of sleeping holly dragons for a wreath delivery. She got quite a surprise when she tried to lift the snoozing dragons into her wheelbarrow!"
  • Honeyglow Dragon - "While Gardenia was wandering the Thousand Acre Woods one spring afternoon, she spotted what appeared to be a dragon tail sticking out of a hole in a tree. Curious, Gardenia tugged on the tail... and out tumbled a honeyglow dragon! The dragon had been snacking on sweet tree nectar, and had grown so plump from its omnomnomming, it was having trouble wiggling back out of the tree. How very fortunate that Gardenia came to the rescue of this rumbly-tumblied dragon!"
  • Honuhonu Dragon - ""
  • Hooded Dragon - "The hooded dragon is one of the most misunderstood dragons of the vale. Outwardly fierce in appearance, hooded dragons are actually very protective of the wizards and witches to which they become attached. They're exceptionally good at hugs, maybe a bit too much so, but that certainly doesn't stop the ocassional wizard from trying! We advice admiration from a distance."
  • Howl Dragon - "Since the return of Dark Magic, the impossibly steep Allengin Mountain range has echoed with bone chilling howls at night. Sleep deprived and irascible, the wizards of the neighboring valley hastily organized an expedition via flying carpet to discover what all the ruckus was about. There they made a surprising realization. Howl dragons have bad night vision, and use their screams to navigate at night. Since then, howl dragons have been relocated to well lit habitats."
  • Humuhumu Dragon - ""
  • Hydra Dragon - "Hydra dragons are extremely picky eaters. Since no two heads can agree on what to eat at a given time, it's a wonder they finish a meal at all! Fortunately, the wizards have learned to provide them with a buffet at mealtimes, so each head gets to eat what it wants!"
  • Hypnotic Dragon - "The hypnotic dragon's appearance is jarring at first, but strangely soothing the longer you stare at it. If your visitors stare directly into one's eyes, they may feel very, very sleepy..."


  • Ice Dragon - "This is one cold-blooded creature. Literally. The ice dragon is so cold that water condenses and freezes on its wings and webbed ears so that it looks like it is almost made of ice."
  • Iceberg Dragon - "A deft swimmer and an excellent dancer, this recently discovered rare cousin of the ice dragon has a horn made entirely of pure ice."
  • Icebound Dragon - "Ah, ze hidden depths of ze icebound dragon," writes Henre Zerwog in his famous scroll, Encounters on ze Ice. "Zere are many cold dragons, but none such as zis- a true behemoth of ze ice, like somezing from a long-ago era. Zee how ze coat of icescales on its back protects ze delicate liquidscales beneath- magnificent magic. We are truly fortunate to witness a dragon of such substance."
  • Icy Torrent Dragon - "Motto of the House of the Icy Torrent: "We Do Not Sink"
    This dragon doesn't quit for ANYTHING, especially when it comes to sussing out of stray Dragon Treats. Some Valefolk report having seen this dragon burrow into the center of a glacier when Zazzberries were at stake. No one knows how Zazzberries ended up in the center of a glacier, but rest assured, the icy torrent dragon took care of it."
  • Inferno Dragon - "Don't have a meltdown if you happen to ignite this dragon's fiery gaze. The inferno dragon might look hot under the collar, but it's actually rather warm-hearted. In fact, fire magic expert Pi Roch once kindled a public campaign to douse the stereotypes engulfing the inferno dragon. "Blaze the trail: visit the inferno dragon!" Initial reception was lukewarm, but visitors' curiosity eventually boiled over."
  • Infrared Dragon - "There's more to this dragon than meets the eye. Look closely at the adult infrared's belly, and you might notice a familiar hatchling form. No, no, don't worry--the infrared dragon doesn't consume hatchlings. What a silly notion! Rather, as this dragon ages, it blossoms plumes of magical smokescales to build its grown-up dragony shape. Such is the awesome power of the concentrated fire magic!"
  • Ire Dragon - "Contrary to its name and appearance, the ire dragon seems to be one of the friendliest dragons in DragonVale. "Happy as an ire dragon" is a common saying in DragonVale, and is not, in fact, meant to be ironic. Of course, this leads to some confusion for any who are unfamiliar with the ire dragon, but no one ever said idioms are easy."
  • Iridescent Dragon - "Nominative determinism at work: The aptly-named Iris Chroma just so happens to be an expert in Light magic color theory! Her work with interferomagic and chromolumination spells culminated in a method of unveiling certain dragons that appear to be invisible in all but direct sunlight. Thanks to Iris' clever charmwork, the iridescent dragon's beauty is now in the eye of every beholder, no matter the weather!"
  • Iron Dragon - "First discovered during the great wizard Dalfgan's maiden attempt to summon an unknown beast from ancient times, the iron dragon is a close cousin of the more common metal dragon. The large metal block at the end of its tail is intimidating to some, but we've been assured that it just uses it for communication. Hopefully they don't try to communicate with any of the visitors!"
  • Iron Blossom Dragon - "Motto of the House of the Iron Blossom: "Sown and Forged"
    In the spirit of its Vale-renowned cleverness, the iron blossom dragon is the answer to a popular riddle told to young Valekins:
    What grows but has no seed,
    Can forge fire guaranteed,
    Is noted for its mettle,
    And has wings like flower petals?"
  • Ironwood Dragon - "Famed Oracle Tessa Lonya was lost in the vast dunes of the Sandara Desert. Tired and without water, she collapsed only to wake up at the edge of an oasis with an ironwood dragon! It's a good thing they're friendly."
  • Ironwrought Dragon - ​"What a pinnacle of strength! The wizard Fe Brinell first discovered the ironwrought dragon when he witnessed it pull a prodigious patch of pumpermelons out of the ground in one sweeping mouthful! And talk about a timely discovery--what better dragon to be found on the 6th anniversary of the opening of the Vale's parks than one of such might? A park proprietor like yourself knows just houw much care and effort goes into maintaining your fleet of floating islands and the dragons who call them home. The ironwrought dragon is a strong symbol of that mettle, wouldn't you say? Rally carries a weight!"
  • Ivy Dragon - "The wizard to discover the ivy dragon wishes to remain nameless, as the whole incident was apparently something an embarrassment. He'd like the record to show that he didn't, as Valefolk reported, "shriek like a baby dragon with its tail in a tangle." But, hey, you would (allegedly) shriek too if you went to repair your cottage and discovered your ivy-covered rooftop was actually an ivy dragon sunning itself!"


  • Jade Dragon - "The jade dragon's varied shades of green camouflage them so well that discovering them on the lush, overgrown Isle of Ulmek came as quite a shock. Imagine the surprise at finding a thirteenth gemstone dragon! For some reason, the coalescence of magic that makes jade dragons available lasts longer than the other gemstone dragons. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Jasper Dragon - "When a baby jasper dragon followed Esme Treen home one day, the witch had no idea what to make of the especially social, bouncy creature. The magical similarities to gemstone dragons seemed clear, but this breed exhibited unique social behaviors. Esme hypothesized that a single population of gemstone dragons became separated in ancient times, resulting in two distinct classes of dragon. It may be that even more crystalline dragons are waiting to discover unassuming wizards! This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Jet Dragon - "The jet dragon was first discovered shortly after the Cataclysm. The wizard Lignius found a smooth, black stone amid the pulverized trees near the Scar. That stone turned out to be a jet dragon egg! This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Jetstream Dragon - "Some Valefolk - the type typically prone to wearing pointy aluminum hats - believe the jetstream dragon plays some sort of role in the infamous Cataclysm Causality conspiracy theory. Of course, that is just a theory silly - the jetstream dragon has no agenda but to snack on Dragon Treats and show off for visitors. ... at least, we're pretty sure that's the case, but it's hard to tell from inside this magical bunker."
  • Jingle Dragon - "These jolly and helpful dragons have been known to be great at hiding in surprising locations. It wasn't until Sandakloz checked his cartload of gifts -- twice -- that the sounds of the jingle dragon gave itself away! Now wizards and witches everywhere can enjoy this jolly, helpful dragon."


  • Kaiju Dragon - ""
  • Kairos - "Ancient and wise, Kairos has a unique magic that can bend space and time. Every few days, the magic of the Chronolith and Time Claw combine, allowing Kairos to accelerate time in your park. He will await you on his perch."
  • Kampos Dragon - "The kampos dragon invokes a children's tale oft told in the Vale. According to this legend, a mysterious dragon with tentacled wings and an armored tail would find young witches and wizards lost in the wilds, then ferry them to safety upon its back. Given the uncanny resemblance to the dragon of legend, Gwyddion decided to call this Rift-brushed dragon "kampos," from the phrase "hippicus kampicus," a term in the old tongue meaning "one who rescues." Looks like you turned the tables on the legend by rescuing kampos from the wilds of the Rift!"
  • Karroot Dragon - "If you've ever gardened or tended to a farm, you're probably aware of the vigilant karroot dragon. They tend to travel in large groups and offer farmers a service to guard their crops. Their keen eyesight hones in on any suspicious behavior. This creates quite the scene when a sneaky Vale youth tries to steal a fresh snack. Never has anyone seen such a flurry of orange and green, unless they're still feeling the effects of Whibee's Candy Bash."
  • Kite Dragon - "Kite dragons get their name from both how they look as well as how they move. When the winds from the High Plains of Faridat are at their peak, the children of the area construct kites to look like dragons. One spring morning, much to the surprise of a then-young Wizard named Franklin Mozi, as their kites reached the highest heights, two soaring dragons joined the fun and began mimicking the flight pattern of the kites."
  • Krampus Dragon - "If little wizards and witchlings start to get too excited for the winter festivities, parents often use the krampus dragon to keep them in line. "You better behave, or the krampus dragon will gobble up all your iceberries!" is heard fairly often this time of year. Unfortunately, this gives the sweet krampus dragon an undeserved reputation. It would never eat your iceberries! That long sticky tongue is actually used to sip up sweet nectar from blossoms in the far north."
  • Kringle Dragon - "The story of one of the first encounters between dragons and wizards is believed to have involved the kirngle dragon:
    A long time ago, in ancient times past
    Arose a fierce storm with winds that did lash.

    From inside the storm there came a deep moan
    That frightened all folk, from small to full grown.

    The moan did continue all through the night
    Even when the storm passed come early morn's light.

    A brave soul did leave the warmth of his home
    To see what could make that sad, lonesome groan.

    It didn't take long, there up in a tree
    A dragon was stuck, struggling to be free.

    Fetching a tool from his wagon,
    The wizard quickly released the dragon.

    And the dragon was freed, so it is said,
    That dragon became the wizard's best friend.

    And thus is the tale, or so I've been told,
    Of how kringle dragons came in from the cold."


  • Labradorite Dragon - "First discovered in the Plagioclase Caves of the northern lands, the labradorite dragon is best known for its iridescent, itty-bitty wings. What it lacks in wingspan, however, it makes up for in sheer joie de vivre. The labradorite dragon is one of the Vale's friendliest dragons, always up for a game of Dragon Treat Catch or Wand Fetch. This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Lace Dragon - "This dragon is always dressed to the nines, thanks to the gossamer finery of its features. Once a year, the lace dragon renews its flowing lace and the remnants are collected by expert tailors. The resulting robes are some of the most exquisite in DragonVale; witches and wizards from all over bring bags of DragonCash for the privilege to wear them. The lace dragon doesn't seem to mind - after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
  • Lacewing Dragon - "We're pretty sure this dragon's wings aren't made of lace. After all, how would it fly? Well, magically, one supposes. Okay, so, maybe its wings are made of magic lace. But where does magic lace come from? Magic thread? All good questions."
  • Lacuna Dragon - "In the old tongue, "lacuna" means "lake of the abyss" -- and it was in the abyss of the Rift that the wizard Anne T. Matre discovered the lacuna dragon. The clever witch, an expert in revealing hidden things, devised a spell to track dragons in the miasmic ether. After some time spent following what turned out to be Gwyddion in a dragon disguise (he, too, has his ways of finding dragons), Anne happened upon the luminous glow of the lacuna. She was so transfixed by the dragon's flowing tail, so much like the coral that once grew in the Surface oceans, she nearly lost her way back! Well, at least she could've kept Roger company."
  • Lagoon Dragon - "The lagoon dragon was thought to be a myth for nearly a century. Witches and wizards reported seeing a mysterious "something" floating serenely in the lakes of the Vale Highlands, but their claims were dismissed as hoax-mongering when the strongest of revealing spells returned neither scale nor tail. Finally, an adventurous wizard known as Neddard Hill had the wits to lure the mysterious something with a trail of floating treats. Lo and behold, the lagoon dragon came om-nom-noming its way into view. Even shy dragons can't resist treats!"
  • Lapis Dragon - "The controversial wizard Pablue Pickaxe is said to have studied nothing but the azure Lapis dragon for the longest period of his time as master of the Academy. Despite the eccentric distortions his spells wove, his work was greatly admired and influences wizards to this day. Some say he was inspired by the images of the noble dragon found frequently in the ancient desert monuments Pickaxe made his home. This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Lava Dragon - "The lava dragon was the first to undeniably establish that some dragons use magic to fly. While its wings are more than enough to bring it aloft as a juvenile, they remain the same size throughout its life. This creates a somewhat awkward looking adult appearance that it probably wouldn't enjoy you pointing out."
  • Leaf Dragon - "Leaf dragons are famous for their uncanny ability to blend into their surroundings. Novice caretakers are frequently flummoxed by the sudden "disappearance" of their leaf dragons. More experienced wizards bring along a peppermill and lightly season the bushes in a habitat until they hear a sneeze!"
  • Leap Year Dragon - "The exceptionally rare leap year dragon can only be seen in the wild once every four years near Bridget's Pass. Getting one of these in your park is sure to make your visitors over the rainbow! Or is it over the moon? I can never remember..."
  • Leathery Dragon - "Hailing from the Tannis Valley, the arrival of the leathery dragons coincides with the third anniversary of the magic of DragonVale. Wizards have been digging into their secrets for years."
  • Liberty Dragon - "A magnificent, but elusive beauty, the liberty dragon is a rare treasure. The liberty dragon remains a beacon to those who choose to pursue it. If you're fortunate enough to have one, display it proudly!"
  • Libretto Dragon - ""
  • Lichen Dragon - "Lichen dragons can be found on the highest mountain peaks and furthest polar reaches throughout the world. Our wizards say that the unique substance growing on them is some sort of strange plant that feeds the dragons using sunlight. Or something. I didn't really understand it myself. Oh and be sure not to confuse lichen dragons with any other kind of supernatural beings, they've been known to take offense to that."
  • Light Dragon - "Having not been seen in Ages, the ethereal Light Dragon makes a glorious return to the world of DragonVale. Enthusiastic and bright, these otherworldly dragons are sure to brighten up your park!"
  • Lightning Dragon - "The lightning dragon lives amongst magic in the highest storm-ridden mountains of the world. Naturally a solitary creature, the lightning dragon does not fight for territory so much as stare down approachers until they back off and wander away, embarrassed."
  • Lightning Rift Dragon "Lightning magic doesn't behave in the Rift as we're used to seeing in the Vale. Rather than conductng through metal, the lightning appears to merely bounce off of everything it encounters. Good news for the lightning rift dragon--no need to worry about crashing into things mid-flight when you bounce right back."
  • Light Rift Dragon - "When Light Magic was returned to the world, rift dragons emerged, suffused with the brilliant magical energy of Light. If you look through the dragon's wings, you can catch a glimpse of the mysteries beyond the Rift."
  • Lodestone Dragon - "It's said that the great explorer Jorsten Seabound always sailed with one of these dragons perched on the mast of his ship. With the aid of the lodestone dragon's instinctive guidance, he never lost his way. By their instincts, these dragons have found their way to the Vale!"
  • Lotus Dragon - "Legend has it that Sidd Arthur, a privileged nobleman turn wandering wizard, once rested under the wings of a lotus dragon. Upon awakening, Sidd was famished. Having no food, he attempted to transmute some local wild flowers into a snack. Sadly, the result was unpalatable. To his surprise, though, the lotus dragon snapped them up! Thus, Dragon Snaps were invented!"
  • Loot Dragon - "Gleaming crystals, glimmering coins, sparkling jewels - the loot dragon is drawn to every sort of shiny bauble. Most precious of all to this dragon, however, are gems. Folks were a little worried about letting a dragon toss a powerful magic gem around, so the wizards designed a special, magic-free gem just for this dragon. All the fun of a magic gem, with none of the explosive mishaps."
  • Love Dragon - "The rare love dragon hails from the western slope of the Berrywhite Mountains and only shows up for a few weeks each year when love is strong in the air. Getting one of these lovely beasts is sure to inspire your visitors to buy flowers and maybe even find a spark of love."
  • Lumilumi Dragon - ""
  • Luminous Dragon - "Shortly after the return of Light Magic, the luminous dragons were discovered high in the Berrywhite Mountains. An apprentice of the wizard Mohs was researching a rare geological formation of rock chalk and happened upon an aerie of the majestic dragons."
  • Lunar Eclipse Dragon - "The rare lunar eclipse dragon only ventures from its habitat on the dark side of the moon during lunar eclipses, when it is shielded from the sun's rays. Living in the frigid, sunless, blackness, this dragon is graced with a thick layer of blubber to keep it warm. Although, some wizards have suggested they're just big boned."
  • Lycan Dragon - "Shortly after the first lycan dragon was brought to DragonVale, the park caretakers were stumped by a creepy conundrum. Every night, a whole batch of treats would go missing. Nobody suspected this scrawny dragon of such ravenous behavior... until they watched it at night. Do you know where we get the expression 'hungry like the lycan dragon'? Come by after sunset, if you dare, and then you'll see."


  • Magnetic Dragon - "When the magnetic dragon was discovered it was completely by accident. A young adventurer wearing plate mail was riding their horse near the Pliny Foothills when they were suddenly yanked off and sent flying towards the dragon! Luckily, neither the adventurer nor the dragon were harmed, and we've been able to find a way to lessen the magnetic dragon's powerful effect on metal objects. But don't worry, it's sure to still attract visitors!"
  • Malachite Dragon - "Centuries ago Professor Bixby was traveling to the Scar of the World for research when he discovered something that he never thought possible -- a malachite dragon! It didn't take long for the Professor to find out that these dragons relish in smashing things into puny little pieces. Bixby's notes say something about not making them angry...we wouldn't like them when they're angry. Luckily the wizards were at least able to find a way to keep malachite dragons from destroying the park."
  • Manomano Dragon - ""
  • Marbletail Dragon - "Famed Vale artist and inventor Kassan once tried to enlist the help of a marbletail dragon with a new painting technique inspired by the dragon's aptly named tail. Unfortunately, marbletail dragons aren't exactly helpful studio assistants -- the final result was less marbled and more just paint splattered on a canvas. Maybe this dragon is more of a pollocktail at heart."
  • Meadow Dragon - "While the witch Eliyse was researching the home of the clover dragons, a mischievous meadow dragon was playfully lying in wait and sprang upon the unsuspecting passerby. The wizards are currently uncertain if the growth on their backs is a natural part of the dragon, or the result of patiently waiting for people to play with."
  • Melancholy Dragon - "Despite its name, the melancholy dragon isn't actually gloomy -- instead, this droopy-looking dragon seems to be more like a sadness-soaking sponge. Visitors claim that spending time with this dragon actually seems to lift their spirits, as if the melancholy dragon absorbs their troubles. In fact, it's not uncommon for magical healers to prescribe an afternoon with this adorably mopey dragon to cure a case of blue-hoos. Whether it works or not, the gloomy dragon doesn't seem to mind the company."
  • Mesolite Dragon - "Watching the mesolite dragon fly is even more impressive when you realize that each of the 'feathers' are solid crystal, weighing in at over a tonne combined! Most of these are on the dragon's wings, which it has to fold up carefully when walking to avoid being tipped over. So how does the dragon fly at all? Simple, it's magic! This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Metal Dragon - "For years explorers were afraid to enter the Tull Caverns because of the loud noises that could be heard coming from deep below. It's only thanks to the brave Dickinson Osborne that we now know that these sounds come from the metal dragon's unique behavior of "drumming" precious metals with their heavy tails."
  • Metal Rift Dragon​"Do you hear a killer rock'n'roll guitar riff when you look at this dragon? No? Just Gwyddian? He might be hexed--someone should help him. Anyway, the metal rift dragon is a tenacious sort. Most dragons play well with others, but the metal rift dragon seems to prefer going solo. As the songwriter witch Jill Whte sings, "The metal has its way.""
  • Meteor Dragon - "Meteor dragons rocket across the skies making them nearly impossible to study. The wizards hatched a plot to hide by a patch of Sarjin Peppers, meteor dragons' favorite treats. After much research and a fair share of failed experiments, the wizards have found a way to attract and keep a meteor dragon in your park. Fun fact: In the wild, the meteor dragon is often followed by a sonic dragon."
  • Miasma Dragon - "The miasma dragon gets its... unique... scent from the ability to absorb undesirable aromas from around its environment. The rest of the park, as a result, has never smelled better! Despite the noxious fumes surrounding it, visitors still manage to enjoy the dragon, albeit from a comfortable distance."
  • Midday Dragon - "The midday dragon is naturally enchanted in a way that continuously forms the effects of the noonday sun directly overhead. As a result, the top of the dragon is perpetually warm and its shadow is always directly below it. This makes the dragon a popular source of shade in the summertime; younger dragons can be seen darting between its legs on especially hot days."
  • Midnight Dragon - "The midnight dragon has been observed to stay up all hours to practice breathing its magical fire; the first dragon on record to be shown actually attempting to get better at this natural phenomenon. The magical breath temporarily leaves behind a rare and potent oil secreted only by midnight dragons. The light this oil produces is soft and soothing - some have even claimed that the oil helps them to keep working effectively through the night."
  • Mine Dragon - "One of the oldest known dragon types, the mine dragon spends much of its time deep underground in the cold Dramoria Mines. Because they are often seen running into walls while moving about, it was once thought that they felt their way around using their beards. We now know that they just have really poor eyesight."
  • Misfortune Dragon - "Stub your toe? Must be a misfortune dragon. Lost your favorite crystal. Misfortune dragon. The misfortune dragon has been blamed for a lot of wizard oopsies over the years, and quite unduly! In fact, this nocturnal dragon is so rarely seen that many wizards and witches miss out on the opportunity altogether. Naturally, this means rumors of misfortune over the years.
    Plus everybody knows that lightning dragons are actually responsible for everything and anything going amiss."
  • Mistletoe Dragon - "Mistletoe dragons are a mischievous lot and the subject of many a myth. Some people believe they bring luck, some people believe they bring love, others still believe they can end conflict simply by being near. The only thing we know for certain is they love to take Tree Dragon treats when they aren't looking."
  • Mirage Dragon - "The witch Fatima Fata discovered the mirage dragon when she noticed its big eyes poking out of the sand in the Sandara Desert. Thinking it was a stranded water dragon, she dug it out, only to realize it was the rare offspring of light and dark, waiting out the heat of the day."
  • Mirror Dragon - "It may take some careful reflection to figure out if the mirror dragon is coming or going, but that didn't stop the wizard Vujade from declaring them to be the fairest dragons of them all."
  • Molten Dragon - "Surprisingly, famed fire magic expert Pi Roh was NOT the first wizard to discover the molten dragon. That honor belongs to metal magic expert Shi Nee, who was hovering over a magma flow one day while hunting for rare volcanic metals. Instead of rare metals, she found something even better: the molten dragon! Or, really, the molten dragon found her -- it sneezed and set her broomstick on fire. Whoops!"
  • Monolith Dragon I - "The monolith dragons were just piles of carved stones before they were awakened by the magic of the Egg Hunt. Each monolith was originally erected as a tribute to the first epic dragon seen in Burcadia. The crafter of this particular monolith was clearly impressed with the ancient dragon's horns."
  • Monolith Dragon II - "Each monolith dragon is but one interpretation of an ancient dragon lost to time, and this becomes clear when you compare any two monoliths side by side. this monolith seems to focus on the lost dragon's noble stance and proud demeanor."
  • Monolith Dragon III - "Curiously, this is the only monolith dragon without a strong, imposing chin on its face. It seems the designer of this monolith was working to illuminate the more cuddly, cute side of the awesome power held by the antediluvian epic dragon."
  • Monolith Dragon IV - "This monolith dragon stands out as having the most unique shape. While the other monoliths appear to suggest a compact, powerful form, this one was made sleek and serpentine. With such a multitude of monoliths, one wonders if the ancient Burcadians were really looking at the same dragon."
  • Monolith Dragon V - "The sounds of grinding stone that this monolith dragon produced after its discovery used to keep entire parks awake through the night. Spells of silence and soothing water magic were tried to no avail. Luckily for sensitive wizards’ ears, moss grew to cover the dragon’s joints and muffled the noise. Sometimes it’s just best to just let nature, er… magic, take its course."
  • Monolith Dragon VI - "Ancient scrolls reveal that before the carving of this monolith dragon, there was no word to describe the bright, bold color of its body. To solve this dilemma, the Burcadians began referring to this dragon's color as "monolith" .... which began to get a bit confusing, considering there are multiple monolith dragons, and each one is a different color. To this day, Valefolk are still debating whether the color of the sky is monolith or monolith"
  • Moon Dragon - "The first mythical moon dragon was so enchanting that the first sun dragon created the world and stars for the two of them to share. But their magic was so strong that they had to separate themselves or risk destroying everything. Legend claims that they became the sun and moon and their descendants now live in our world."
  • Moonstruck Dragon - "Easily entranced by wonder and beauty, the Moonstruck dragon often stands for days staring longingly into the magical moons of the Moon Habitats, or flying gracefully around them. You will not meet a more affectionate dragon, nor one more attached, as this one. One must take care that these dragons remember to eat and rest, as they live in a state of blissful preoccupation."
  • Moss Dragon - "The unusual two legged moss dragon is truly one of nature's marvels. Capable of living in the harsh extremes of the desert, it is also found wandering through forested regions. This beast wanders the world blind and happy as an adult."
  • Motley Dragon - "It's the same old situation, the motley dragon is of unknown origin. A crew of six wizards has been studying them, but the results are not making them feel good. Some wizards have a theory, which is a bit on the wild side, that motley dragons are related to a rumored invisible dragon."
  • Mountain Dragon - "The mountain dragon is a solitary beast, found wandering the frozen highlands to the north. Its long horns and shielded back protect it from, well, everything. Since nothing threatens it, it is one of the calmest dragons around."
  • Mountain Sun Dragon - "Motto of the House of the Mountain Sun: "Strong and Shining"
    The motto of the House of the Mountain Sun takes its inspiration from the mountain sun dragon, and for obvious reasons. Have you ever seen a jaw so chiseled or a coat of scales so luminous? Pure magnificence!"
  • Mud Dragon - "Mud dragons love to eat. Second only to eating, mud dragons love to play around in muck. They are so often covered in mud that you rarely ever see their natural skin color. Of course, you wouldn't be able to tell if you were seeing their natural skin color or not, since it looks an awful lot like mud."
  • Muse Dragon - ""Sing, O' muse dragon, and move my quill!"
    Often, a scribe struggling to find the perfect way to describe a dragon will call out a little chant in honor of the muse dragon. Legend has it that the muse dragon is a font of inspiration for all creators and that its three heads represent the pillars of the Arts: talent, practice and learning. Others say that the heads represent the three tools of creation: mind, body and magic. Whatever the truth may be, the muse dragon has earned its fame. This dragon's breath is an invigorating melody of pure motivation guaranteed to clear any creative blocks."


  • Nebula Dragon - "From the homework scrolls of Mrs. Murphy's School for Spellwork and Sorcery, Grade Five:
    "My assignment is to write a poem about the nebula dragon, But the only word that rhymes with 'dragon' is 'wagon.' Besides, I'm not sure dragons can read. A different assignment is just what I need.
    Mrs Murphy, please don't fail me when you're inking--I should get an A because this poem shows magical thinking."
  • Nectar Dragon - "Wandering the lower slopes of Mount Oly, the witch Tantalia discovered Nectar dragons drinking in the sunlight on the banks of the River Ambrosia -- literally. These gentle creatures actually consume nothing but sunlight and pure water, and it shows in both their radiance and good nature. There are those who will tell you that the dew they carry on their tails will bring immortality to any who drink it, but those are usually people selling little bottles of oil behind the roasted corn tent at the fair."
  • Neoteric Dragon - "This festive dragon is regarded as one of DragonVale's most jubilant breeds. Every neoteric dragon is born with its very own multifaceted magical mirror ball, which is powered by a spell of unwaning wubwub and ensures that this jovial dragon is always the life of the habitat. Witches and wizards often resolve to be more like the neoteric dragon, but the resolution doesn't always stick. Maybe next year?"
  • Nesting Dragon - "Now here's an unusual dragon! Or shall we say, set of dragons! Currently being studied by Matryona Starling, the nesting dragon seems to be equipped with a pouch in which it carries its little dragonling friends. Which begs the question: do those dragonlings, too, have their own pouches containing yet smaller dragons within? And yet smaller dragons *also* have pouches with yet even *smaller* dragons inside? Is it just nesting dragons all the way down? Are we ALL inside the pouch of a giant nesting dragon at this very moment?"
  • Nether Dragon - "The nether dragon is a peculiar breed: super strong, resistant to fire, bestowed with enhanced sight, capable of understanding the words "dragon treat" in numerous ancient magical languages. Given its strange traits, Valefolk like to speculate that this dragon came from the netherworld, but no one is quite sure. Perhaps the biggest mystery is why the word "pancakes" in any language gets this dragon riled up. Heck of a thing."
  • Nibwhip Dragon - ""
  • Nightbloom Dragon - "The shy nature of the nightbloom dragon lends to its name--only at night will it unfurl its magnificent pearlescent wings! Whitbee has been working on ways to coax this dragon into being more of an anytimebloom dragon; so far, nothing has shown any promise as a method of motivation, but he's working on it!"
  • Nightmare Dragon - "For every happy and contented dream, there is the other, darker side that can frighten wizards and witches everywhere. Discovered by the vivid dreamer Tober Gelndun, these dragons mean no ill as they simply bring balance to the dreamworld. Still, the faint of heart are recommended to keep a good distance."
  • Nightshade Dragon - "The great wizard Garriott often uses rare plants as reagents in his complex spells. While gathering a batch of the nightshade plant at midnight on a full moon, he happened upon a new type of dark dragon. He promptly named them nightshade dragons due to the resemblance of their wings to the plant of the same name."
  • Nimbus Dragon - "The wizard Pi Roh had a vision of the Nimbus dragon floating on clouds of miasma. Not sure what to make of this, he thought it was simply too amazing to be real. He recorded his dream in a scroll and set it away, forgetting all about the nimbus dragon. Once the rift stabilized, the nimbus dragon reappeared to Pi Roh, this time in person! This dragon loves to float in clouds, and for ages it has called the miasma of the Rift home. Now it can float nimbly around parks everywhere!"
  • Nosferatu Dragon - "Originally discovered by the powerful wizard Whitbee, the nosferatu dragon possesses an impressive pair of sweet teeth! However, there is no need to be frightened, as their propensity to bite can be satisfied by dragon treats!"
  • Nova Dragon - "Brilliant through the astromancer Noel dePlante may be, it took the help of light experts Shi Nee and Ylyse Draagg to discover the nova dragon. In the roiling cauldron that is the cosmos, only a specific set of complex spells can reveal this elusive galaxy dragon. This magical detection technique is known as Draagg's Divination!"


  • Obsidian Dragon - "Found in the volcanic regions of Wrothmoore, the obsidian dragon's iridescent horns are sure to make it one of your visitors' favorite new dragons!"
  • Okenite Dragon - "The okenite dragon is not to be confused with the cotton dragon, although both share characteristic fluffy white tails. In fact, if you were to pet an okenite dragon, you might be surprised to find it isn't fluffy at all! It's pointy, crystalline skin makes it closer in texture to a cactus dragon -- which doesn't stop the okenite dragon from trying to nuzzle visitors. Better to admire from a distance. This dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Omen Dragon - "From the Scrolls of Prophecy, Volume DCLVI:
    In the waning days of the ninth month
    In the age when land ascends the sky
    The two-headed one will spread its wings
    And bring forth its dread and haunting cry"
  • Oni Dragon - "Oni dragons may look like they can live in any stark environment, but in actuality they love a comfortable den made of found objects around the Vale. Leaves, scraps of yarn, and even discarded Valefolk clothing are ideal for their makeshift bedding. Gwyddion the Great Nogard claims to have seen on lash out during this odd ritual. The oni dragon was diligently crafting its sleeping quarters when tree branches whirled in from a westward wind and decimated the dragon's hard work. The oni dragon drew its club-tail back and with one fell swoop, shattered them into a thousand pieces. It is rumored that the oni dragon smirked and started over again."
  • Ooze Dragon - "This dragon defies description. The ancient manuscript "The Done Witch" tells of several renowned scribes nearly going mad trying to find just the right words to describe this rare and ancient creature. Their vague and contradictory descriptions seemed unbelievable, until one of these dragons dragged itself from the marshes at the mouth of the Aichpey river to lay dreaming in the road before the Mouth Inn. Now we know why they had such a hard time."
  • Opal Dragon - "Opal dragons are said to be capable of displaying every color in the visible spectrum. In fact they're even supposed to be able to exhibit some invisible ones as well! Some say that invisible dragons are really just opal dragons parading around in these...harder to see colors. Our wizards can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Opulent Dragon - ""
  • Orchid Dragon - "Often found resting with their tails wound around trees, the orchid dragon is a beautiful sight. The master plant wizard Aidan of Koo Hill cataloged over 200 varieties of these dragons in his exploration of the tropical forests beyond the Scar of the World, and he only meant to bring back paintings. A pair of these lovely dragons followed him home, though, and have been flourishing in parks ever since."
  • Ornamental Dragon - "On bright snowy nights in the far northern town of Vinturfjord, you might hear a jolly jingling in the distance. If you're lucky, it might be an ornamental dragon dashing over the snow. Nobody knows how the ornamental dragons grow their colorful spheres, but oh what fun they bring to the Vale!"
  • Ortreat Dragon - "The most delicious candies in all of DragonVale were once made by the confectioner Ortreat, who only shared them with his special pack of hybrid dragons. One day, some clever kids hatched a plan to get the coveted confections with a set of baby dragon costumes. When Ortreat saw the shoddily sewn dragonlings ambling about, his heart softened and he played along, sharing his treats with the ingenious little 'dragons'. Even long after Ortreat moved on, the tradition of costumes and candy remained. To this day, young witches and wizards wait all year for the autumn night when they can go out and 'trick Ortreat'."
  • Osteryx Dragon - ""
  • Ouroboros Dragon - "Scholars agree the hatching of the first Ouroboros dragon coincided with the day the Scar of the World was created. Some call them a harbinger of ill, but even more say they are a living prophecy; promising that someday the Scar will be healed."
  • Ovalith Dragon - "The Ovalith Dragon has not been seen in the world since the Age of Myth! Awakened from their aeons-long slumber, these graceful and stately dragons may well be the last of their kind, treat them well! THis dragon cannot be breed at this time."


  • Palladium Dragon - "One day, one of the wizards leaned too close to the Rift while studying it and almost fell in! Lucky for him, a palladium dragon was nearby to whisk him to safety. These noble dragons seem to sense when a creature is in peril and instinctively rush to their aid."
  • Panlong Dragon - "The majestic panlong dragon originates from the Far East and it's said to only come out of hiding once every twelve years. Though it prefers to be near water, they have occasionally been seen in many other types of habitats. Rumor has it that these dragons are not only a distant cousin of the rainbow dragon, but they're almost as rare too! I wonder if it's a coincidence that they only seem to show up during the year of the dragon."
  • Paper Dragon - "The paper dragon was found on the anniversary of the wizards discovering the magic that makes DragonVale possible. The paper dragon isn't actually made out of paper, but derives its name from its resemblance to paper dragons children make. Your guests are sure to do backflips with one of these in your park."
  • Party Dragon - "The intrepid explorer Ser Rocco was traversing the Kakapo mountains when something lively caught his eye. It was a group of party dragons excited by the sight of his airship and vying for his attention! Thinking it might be his last chance to see a new dragon discovered, Ser Rocco invited several of these dragons aboard his airship. Since then, party dragons have been renowned for their bouncy, happy attitude."
  • Pearl Dragon - "Pearl dragons are known for being some of the most playful and friendly dragons in all the land. If you ever see them in the wild, the chances are high that they will be racing other gemstone dragons near the sea surrounding the Shimmering Isles. This year the pearl dragon was able to beat the alexandrite dragon and our wizards cast an amazing spell to allow you to breed them. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Pepper Dragon - "Pepper dragons are feisty creatures. They are one of the few dragons known to actively engage in a staring contest with lightning dragons. Once, a young apprentice, Cheelei, was bored with studying lava so she instead traveled to the western shores in order to examine pepper dragons in their natural setting. She silently observed them until a sudden fit of sneezing blew her cover."
  • Peridot Dragon - "Professor Olivine first discovered the peridot dragon while researching a thorny plant in the High Plains of Faridat. These proud and august creatures can be seen headbutting each other in the wild as a display of their strength and magnificence... or maybe they're just tired of being confused with emerald dragons. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Permafrost Dragon - "From the freeziest, coldest regions of the far north hails the permafrost dragon. This fierce flier has to keep up with the worst of the winter weather, so don't let those adorable little baby wings fool you. Despite its appearance as a hatchling, the permafrost dragon grows up to sport a seriously impressive wingspan!"
  • Phantom Dragon - "Phantom dragons began appearing in the frozen highlands of the far North. A slight chill can be felt as they glide by, but it's uncertain if this is due to their temperature or their spectral appearance."
  • Pharaoh Dragon - "When the tomb of Amun-Ris was opened, and the dust of ages billowed out, it was clear that the room had sat undisturbed for a millennia. While most of the ancient Sand Kings' tombs had collapsed from time and neglect, this one's sanctity was preserved, along with the first intact dragon egg from that time that we've ever found! Why was it untouched?
    Many suspect an ancient curse, but we dismiss such rumors. Still, it couldn't hurt to keep an eye on visitors passing the dragon's habitat. Just to be safe."
  • Plains Dragon - "DRAAAAGONVAAAALAAA..GONNAHATCHAAAAAAA DRAGOOOOOON!" what many visitors like to sing to the plains dragon, for some reason. As the plains dragon startles easily, maybe shouting song lyrics at it isn't the best for park business"
  • Plant Dragon - "People will love to come see your plant dragons play in their beautiful green habitat. They are the friendliest of all the dragon breeds and make great pets!"
  • Plant Rift Dragon - "Rift-brushed dragons like the plant rift are unique in that their development occurred from contact with low-grade chaotic magic. It's an enchanting idea, isn't it? Though the effort to contain the Rift caused a great deal of panic in the Vale, great innovations came out of the chaos. One could apply the same theory to life!"
  • Plasma Dragon - "The story of the plasma dragon is a strange one. Years ago the brilliant wizard Franklin Dogood was caught in a terrible storm when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby pond, instantly evaporating it. Ever the scholar, Franklin went to investigate and discovered something incredible -- a baby dragon where the pond once stood!"
  • Plateau Dragon - "One of the most docile dragons in the Vale is the plateau dragon. These slow-moving behemoths will often plop down for hours on end, flexing nary a scale as they soak up the sunshine. In fact, they're so un-botherable, they've been known to let little Valekins climb around on their heads. The kids call it "Summiting"--first one to the top wins! But don't worry--the magical markers of the hidden habitat will keep the kids at bay in your park."
  • Platinum Dragon - "While exploring a cave, deep in the middle of the Berrywhite Mountains, the explorer Antonio von Sickengen discovered a third treasure dragon; the platinum. After achieving his fame with the platinum dragon, Antonio retired to a quiet life raising and studying quicksilver dragons."
  • Plumewing Dragon - "The witch Ally Tanco was the first to breed the plumewing after the stabilization of the Rift. You should know this about Ally: she dresses EXCLUSIVELY in gold and silver, and the day of the plumewing's discovery was no exception. When the plummeting hatched and saw the mesmerizing metallic materials of Ally's fashion choices, it flew about in a dizzying tizzy, squeaking so excitedly, Ally feared the hatchling would faint. Whatever the reason, it seems plumewing dragons REALLY like shiny things. Like, really really. You might want to warn visitors to keep an eye on any loose change in their pockets."
  • Plumpkin Dragon - "Plumpkin dragons usually stick together, but one baby became enchanted by the Vale's horticultural expert, Gardenia. One evening while taking a sip from a nearby stream, it watched the witch cast spell after spell, moving plants, soil, and rocks in all directions. The baby was so hypnotized by the display that it forgot it was drinking. The plumpkin baby feverishly flapped its wings to get a closer look, but instead it just rolled forward, too engorged with water."
  • Poison Dragon - "The poison dragon loves people. Not for breakfast, it just thinks they're great company. Unfortunately, people don't often react well to their deadly neurotoxin. Best to watch it play with its own kind from a safe distance."
  • Polarian Dragon - "Looking up on a clear night in the Vale, this dragon's namesake star can be seen burning white hot and unmoving on its celestial throne. When other stars are whisked to and fro by the pull of season and the push of time, this one stays planted, a comfort to any who seek stability. Spend time with the polarian dragon, and you'll see this constance and grace reflected in its demeanor."
  • Pollen Dragon - "Pollen dragons may be adorable, but rest assured these dragons can be quite the nuisance. They release a fine powder-like substance that is known to attract other dragons. Unfortunately, many people report being allergic to it. Guests that experience any symptoms should report directly to the Wizard Clinic. We've been assured that side effects of treatment only include being turned into the occasional frog."
  • Pond Dragon - "Have you ever visited the magical everflowering flower fields of the Burcadian Highlands? It's quite a sight! Chrysalis dragons far and wide flock to the fields to swoop and dive amidst the blossoms. The colorful glowwing dragon often leads the charge to frolicking! Being neon-hued has its beacon-like perks."
  • Porcelain Dragon - "Bone dragons are a mainstay of the Vale and have been revered for years, but one wizard loved them so much that he developed a spell to manifest this idolization. The wizard was named Feldspar and his cosmetic conjuration was a success! A plated sheen with ornate designs coated a willing bone dragon volunteer and transfigured it into a porcelain dragon. Both wizard and dragon were delighted with the outcome. When asked about altering a dragon in such a cavalier and mischievous fashion, Feldspar's eyes glazed over with boredom.
    Collect and place 10 unique Ornaments to perform the ritual with a bone dragon."
  • Portent Dragon - "The portent dragon was first discovered by a party of eight adventurers, and is said to be a sign of important things to come. Lured out of hiding by the party's palpable love for dragons, the portent dragon is considered something of a mascot for extreme dragon enthusiasts!"
  • Prism Dragon - "The Prism Dragon is as rare as it is beautiful. Its dark hide absorbs light and magic alike. Its crystalline spines shine with energy that ranges from a rainbow of colors to pure elemental magic! Truly a majestic creature, this dragon's mere existence reveals much that is otherwise hidden."
  • Procyon Dragon - "As Nogard says, you shouldn't judge a star by the brightness of its twinkle. The procyon star isn't the brightest in the skybox and this pale yellow creature is similarly dim, but don't think for a moment that this reflects upon the dragon's intelligence. This sharp-witted dragon eluded discovery for a long time, playing a game of stellar hide-and-seek with the wizards. Now that it's finally been discovered, we're thrilled to have such a bright dragon join us in the Vale!"
  • Promethium Dragon - "The Promethium Dragon re-emerged from the Rift awash with an eerie, buzzing energy. The wizards tried to solve the riddle of what they called 'Rift Fire' but were severely disappointed in the end."
  • Pyrite Dragon - "When first observed, the pyrite dragon was thought to be a gold dragon because of the magnificent luster of its wings and horns. Closer inspection revealed this was a foolish assumption, since the gold dragon is notoriously heavier than its pyrite cousin. Nevertheless, many witches and wizards believe this dragon to bring good fortune to any upon whom the shadow of its flying form falls. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."


  • Quake Dragon - "The regal quake dragon commands respect everywhere it goes. Though its sharp horns and thunderous footsteps instill fear in most everyone nearby, it is one of the most gentle dragons known. Their true intelligence is unknown, but many experts suspect that they could hold their own even against some of the smartest people alive."
  • Quartz Dragon - "The quartz dragon is just adorable. Valefolk find its crystalline wings so enticing, they've started conjuring witch- and wizard-sized replicas to wear as fashion accessories. Unfortunately, no one thought of a spell to sand down the pointy ends, creating quite the painful fashion faux pas for anyone standing behind the wing wearer. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Quicksand Dragon - "The quicksand dragon is so named for its love of speed-burrowing into sandpits. In fact, its biology is specifically suited to the task of burrowing-just look at those chin spikes! There's no better way to speed-shovel sand than with a perfect set of scooping spikes. We should know; we tested the theory extensively."
  • Quicksilver Dragon - "The quicksilver dragon has a mercurial personality, often going from playful to pugnacious for no apparent reason. Despite their great bulk, they are deft swimmers -- although most of the time they float at the surface waiting for their next meal to swim by. While tending a Water Habitat, a 'log' turned out to be a hungry Quicksilver Hatchling and a young wizard inadvertently invented a "Run on Water" spell."


  • Radiant Dragon - "While no wizard has dared to measure the internal temperature of the Radiant Dragon, judging from the copious amount of heat radiating from this dragon's fins, it must be formidable. Some clever witches have enticed them to thaw remote snowed-in villages."
  • Ragnarok Dragon - "Lingering long in caverns deep,
    Ragnarok dragons took their sleep.
    Wolfish, serpentine, giant, strong,
    In cold, dark earth, howled fire song!
    Waked by wizards, their kind return,
    Treat them well and from them you'll learn!"
  • Rain Dragon - "While commonly found in large bodies of water throughout the southern tropics, on occasion the rain dragon has been mistaken for a gigantic flying fish when it takes to the skies. In the wild they have been observed precipitating a large amount of water while in flight. Hopefully guests will remember to bring their umbrellas."
  • Rainbow Dragon - "Normal words cannot begin to describe the resplendence of this, rarest type of all dragons. The first person to ever witness one stared for hours before running home to send a poet to describe the beast. When the poet arrived, the dragon had left without a trace, leading many to believe that the explorer made up the whole story. Only years later do we now realize that he wasn't crazy at all!"
  • Rayleian Dragon - "The colorful spike on top of the rayleian dragon's head spurred something of a fashion trend in the Vale. Every witch and wizard with an iota of style started sporting a vertical coif to mimic this dragon's suave look. Anti-gravity spells really came in handy!"
  • Reindeer Dragon - "These hybrid dragons come from the Far North and can only be bred near the end of the year. Centuries ago, the magical toymaker Sandakloz journeyed north to study these rare creatures. He never returned from his journey, but every year since, during the month when reindeer dragons can be bred, children wake up one day to find magical toys in boxes bearing the old mage's signature."
  • Regal Dragon - ""
  • Regift Dragon - "Contrary to its festive resemblance to the gift dragon, the regift dragon is actually an entirely separate breed hailing from the northwest. Gift dragons, as every witch and wizards knows, hail from the northeast. Completely different, you see. No relation whatsoever. Just a happy coincidence."
  • Ribbon Dragon - "From the homework scrolls of the House of the Icy Torrent:
    A herald of the winter's tidings is the ribbon dragon's gliding! Streaming serenely through the sky, the ribbon dragon loves to fly. It wraps between the darkest clouds a thread of color, clear and proud. Should you look up and see a glimmer, it might be the ribbon dragon's shimmer!"
  • River Dragon - "River dragons live on land but spend much of their time in the water. Their boundless energy and constant frolicking cause river dragon scales to fray at the edge, giving them the look of fur. Often found near the Ami'Lya Pond, their splashing creates something akin to a melody; they will occasionally dance to this river song."
  • Root Dragon - "Root dragons are quickly becoming known for their love of questing. Making these dragons available to park owners was originally difficult due to their disdain for being transplanted from their original habitat."
  • Rose Dragon - "The witch Nadia of Cadberry Meadows is renowned for having the greatest flower nursery in all the land. The day after creating the Rose Topiary, she found a new dragon in her nursery, the rose dragon. After all the effort she put into creating the greatest topiary in the land, it was as if the flowers themselves rewarded her for her labors. Is there a better way to say I love you than a dragon? Probably."
  • Rosebud Dragon - "The tending wizards and witches of the Cadberry Meadows always knew that the surest sign of spring was the return of the rosebud dragons. A frequent sight at the Cadberry Wells, these dragons helped spread waters from the Vernal Springs over the meadows. The wizards and witches would greet the sight of these dragons by passing along just one word: "rosebud."
  • Rosegold Dragon - "Metal magic expert Shi Nee is just fascinated by the rosegold dragon's tail and wings. Made of a delicate metal scalework, the twisting tail and whimsical wings are as light as flower petals, allowing the rosegold dragon to soar in style, unencumbered. That explains the wizard saying "I feel as light as a fleet of rosegold dragons!"
  • Ruby Dragon - "The ruby dragon was discovered deep in the Mogok Caves by an old wizard who simply went by the name Mohs. He quickly learned the error of reaching for rubies when they are attached to the tail of a dragon. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Ruin Dragon - "Ruin dragons have developed clear membranes on their wings which make them look torn, hence their moniker. Despite their somber name, they're quite friendly dragons."
  • Rust Dragon - "Most people mistake rust dragons for land lovers and think that water is harmful to their metallic scales. While they do feel at home on land, rust dragons are the best swimmers of all of the known dragons! Our wizards still haven't been able to figure out how it is they manage to stay afloat though."


  • Sakura Dragon - "Sakura dragons, also sometimes called Cherry Blossom dragons, appear in the springtime when they bask in the beauty of spring's new growth. Villages where Sakura dragons visit will hold celebrations and picnics beneath these docile dragons' flowered wings in honor of the season."
  • Salamander Dragon - "Salamander dragons love to sleep in old logs. Sometimes when they snore, their breath catches the logs on fire. Luckily, their watery skin protects them and the bed of ashes is comfortable enough that their slumber is never disturbed."
  • Sand Dragon - "An old family of wizards living near the dunes of the Sandara Desert heard rumors of a completely new type of dragon. Wallach, the head of the family, took a group out to search the dunes. Wallach's son Leto, a wizard-in-training, spotted the spindles of the sand dragon's back poking out from a nearby dune. Oddly enough, the spindles are softer than they appear."
  • Sandscale Dragon - "If you're taking a stroll on a beach, keep watch for sandscale dragons soaking up the sun. If you accidentally step on an outstretched wing, those dragons will let you know you've crossed a line. Their reaction is no more than a startling grunt but it has rubbed a few wizards the wrong way. Even though sandscale dragons don't hold grudges, some Valefolk still claim they are a little rough around the edges."
  • Sandstorm Dragon - "Throughout the ages, enthusiasts have risked the harshest deserts in search of the sandstorm dragon to hear the percussive beat and the syncopated rhythms of its wings. Some minstrels have tried to recreate the sound in a new form of music they lovingly call "tectonica." The prospect of hearing the real thing, without braving a dangerous sandstorm, is bound to attract many visitors."
  • Sanguinite Dragon - "Mt. Mashe - known as the the Bleeding Mountain to locals - is home to many undiscovered wonders beyond it intimidating walls. A fluid like a dark, cold magma seeps from the mountain's crags and is collected by the sanguinite dragons that live in its caves. This fluid then hardens into solid 'bubbles' along the dragon's head and back. Deposits have been found in the caves that resemble the dragon's shape, leading the wizards to believe that it shares some sort of symbiotic life cycle with the mountain itself. We're stumped by the specifies, but luckily we've transplanted the effects to our crystalline habitats, allowing this strange and wonderful dragon to join your park! This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Sapphire Dragon - "The wizard Mohs went to the Shimmering Isles looking for unique gem to craft into a ring for Yogo, a witch he fancied. Reaching to grab a star sapphire, he grabbed the horn of a sapphire dragon. Mohs might need a spell to correct his vision. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Satin Dragon - "The satin dragon's smooth scales create the illusion that it is draped in smooth and beautiful silks. Don't be fooled though, dragons don't wear clothes--they have no use for them!"
  • Scarab Dragon - ""
  • Scorch Dragon - "Believed to be the ancient ancestor of the more common fire dragon, scorch dragons tend to play in thunderstorms, tornadoes, wildfires or any other extremely dangerous places. Through much hard work (and some pretty impressive healing magic) we learned enough about these ancient beasts to keep them - and your visitors - safe and happy in your park."
  • Scoria Dragon - "Near the Mines of Dramoria, the Bessemer Wastes are home to the often overlooked scoria dragons. They are so overlooked, in fact, that our wizards accidentally classified them as the wrong type of dragon. Ooops. In their later years, scoria dragons grow rocklike scales on their back, but don't let their appearance fool you; they're still fast as can be when racing other dragons."
  • Scorn Dragon - "The enchantress, Jolene, was researching love dragons in the Berrywhite Mountains when she discovered a scorn dragon amidst the herd. This sweet dragon happily accepted some treats from her, but as soon as the enchantress moved to offer treats to another dragon, the scorn dragon a different side. Apparently this dragon insists on being the center of attention and gets a little jealous it it catches you fawning over another dragon."
  • Seasonal Dragon - "It took the wizards a long time to understand and categorize the seasonal dragon because of its amazing ability to change with the seasons. Although this particular variety seems to follow the patterns of the Northern hemisphere, there are rumors of a cousin on the opposite schedule."
  • Seaweed Dragon - "The seaweed dragon is very concerned with its appearance. This dragon is not only social but it craves attention from anyone. For some reason, the only creature it doesn't get along with is the occasional other seaweed dragon."
  • Seed Dragon - "The seed dragons have proven to be a great boon for the forests of the world below. This dragon is perpetually dusted with tree seeds, which flitter far away with the wind when the dragon takes flight. Wizards have scried that new groves are appearing and even the ancient Great Forest is ringed by new saplings."
  • Seraph Dragon - "Astounding wizards both far and near, The 400th dragon did appear, And in a flash of burning light, Flew 'round the islands just a fortnight. Best to house it while it's here, Its billowy plumes so endear, A visitor or wizard to take delight, In this most regaled and splendid sight."
  • Serenity Dragon - "You'll know a serenity dragon is nearby when a lovely feeling of calm washes over you, and you find yourself stopping in your tracks to smell the flowers and admire the view. In fact, when poet Norbert Frost first observed the effects of the serenity dragon, he was so moved, he created a scroll of poems inspired by this dragons serene nature. His poetry readings are now the most popular in DragonVale!"
  • Shadow Dragon - "The shadow dragon is very misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, it is not named for its shadowy countenance, but rather for its habit of following others around. Though this may seem unsettling to some, the wizards have discovered that the dragon is just remarkably curious."
  • Shield Dragon - "Arriving in a fury in the nick of time comes the shield dragon! This dragon is strong, honorable, interesting, elegant, loyal, and devoted. This dragon's scales are smooth yet cold to the touch, as if they were made of iron."
  • Shimmer Dragon - "With the return of Light Magic, the sailors of the island kingdoms of the Crimson Sea have a new reason to rejoice; Shimmer dragons have been observed bursting from the sea with their dazzling wings and guiding ships safely out of the paths of storms."
  • Shining Dragon  - "While traveling through the mountainous region of Setse, the wizard Torrance Jaxxon stumbled upon a set of twin omen dragons cavorting through the woods. "Come and play with us!" they seemed to say with their adorable antics. Intrigued, Torrance followed them through the labyrinthian corridors of trees until he found himself in a clearing. There, illuminated by the glow of the moon, stood the most unusual dragon Torrance had ever seen! Like an ethereal conjuring from the pages of a storyscroll, the dragon stood in an almost kingly posture, emitting a brilliant shine. Alas, when Torrance reached into his pockets for a Dragon Treat, he found only a flask of orange juice. The shining dragon must have had other interests, for it quickly fled into the frozen night."
  • Silver Dragon - "The Great Witch Rudna was having a dream about potions and her famous Parkes Poultice when she awoke to an amazing sight. A silver dragon helping a gold dragon carry away some of Thatche's treasure. Little did she know, it was the first sighting of a second treasure dragon."
  • Silver Olympus Dragon - "The majestic olympus dragon. These rare dragons were discovered at the top of Mount Oly and three distinct types are known to exist. This silver variation is said to be slightly more common than the gold."
  • Singularity Dragon - "When you look at the singularity dragon, you're not seeing the dragon, but an outline caused by magical waves distorting *around* the dragon. It's true! The singularity dragon itself has no visible form. You can thank the astromancer Sven Sparrowing for that mind-bending bit of magical theory. He witnessed the distortions while stargazing one particularly clear night, and has been confusing people with his discovery ever since."
  • Sleighbell Dragon - "Unique tufts of fur resemble bells with a jingle, the sleighbell dragons usually befriend wizards and love to mingle. Every eve of seasonal celebration, these selfless creatures inspire great imagination."
  • Smitten Dragon - "Smitten Dragons are unique in that they form deep bonds with the first person they see after hatching. If you happen to become the target of a smitten dragon's affection, consider yourself lucky! They are among the most lovable, loyal dragons known to wizardkind. Although you'd better get used to a dragon following you around everywhere ( and we mean *everywhere*!) --the smitten dragon won't give you a minute alone, even if you just need to use the little wizard's room."
  • Smoke Dragon - "The smoke dragon is a misunderstood beast. The Ancients mistook them for spirits and offered them messages to carry to the Other Side. Unfortunately the only ‘other side’ these creatures cross to is whatever side of the campfire you move to."
  • Smolder Dragon - "You, uh, might want to warn your visitors to extinguish their wands before approaching the smolder dragon. Of course, no dragon would ever want ever intentionally set off a wand backfire -- just a safety precaution."
  • Snapper Dragon​"Some believe the snapper dragon is at the center of an unusual legend about the origin of the world. So it's told, the Surface land from whence the Vale islands were carved rests on the back of a giant shelled dragon. And that dragon, too, rests on the back of another shalled dragon. And what do you know -- that dragon, in turn rests on the back of yet *another* shelled dragon. And what, you ask, does that dragon teeter atop? Why, its shelled dragon all the down! So the legend goes, anyway."
  • Snow Dragon - "Some enthusiasts will mistake the rare snow dragon for a more common cold dragon. You can tell by the curly horns and the sleek frame that this dragon was made for flight more than land. Snow dragons almost never land, preferring to journey slowly through the northern skies, observing from a distance."
  • Snowbrush Dragon - "You know it's wintertime in the Vale when the snowfields are dotted with dragon-sized holes! There seems to be no better fun for a snowbrush dragon than diving in and out of snowdrifts. You'd probably do it too if you had golden scales to protect your noggin!"
  • Snowflake Dragon I - "If not for an apprentice witch named Arendella, we may never have discovered this enchanting breed. Though her full name is lost to time, the young witch was once known for making the best iceberry brew in DragonVale. So delicious was this brew, that it attracted a flock of snowflake dragons from the clouds!"
  • Snowflake Dragon II - "The varied crystalline structures that make up these dragons' wings expand as the dragon ages. Over time, simple and stunning patterns become fine fractals of icy intricacy."
  • Snowflake Dragon III - "Despite the diversity found in this breed, these dragons tend to form some of the closest bonds amongst dragons. This warm, giving nature is especially contagious during the Season of Goodies!"
  • Snowflake Dragon IV - "The magic that makes every snowflake unique in DragonVale may also be responsible for the beautiful variations we see in snowflake dragons."
  • Snowflake Dragon V - "This snowflake dragon may have fallen far from the family tree. The wizards were surprised to see this ostensibly frosty dragon discovered in the summer and even more surprised to find that it had been hibernating all winter! Not only that, but its chosen form of relaxation appears to be sunbathing. For all its quirks, the wizards love diversity, so this dragon is welcomed with open arms."
  • Snowflake Dragon VI - "They say every snowflake is unique, and some snowflakes are more unique than others! Just when Lumi thought she had discovered the rarest of the snowflake dragons, along came another snowflake dragon! "As you can see, this dragon is nothing like the other snowflake dragons," she said. The wizards and witches were so impressed that they dubbed this dragon "snowflake dragon" to honor the occasion."
  • Snowpocalypse Dragon - "After the eruption of the mythic volcano Garita, which released the apocalypse dragon, the resultant ash clouds drifted to Vinturfjord. When the clouds cooled, the magic within condensed into the most beautiful snowfall ever witnessed. But by the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth week of snowfall, Vinturfjordians began to fear the end of the Vale was near. Luckily, just when it seemed like the snow would never stop, a great wind whipped all of the fallen snow into the form of a dragon! Or at least that's the legend--we might not know exactly how the Breeding Cave works, but we're relatively certain it doesn't work like that."
  • Snowsquall Dragon - "Dragons in the Rift have developed strange and unusual features to deal with the Rift's wonky wibbles and wobbles. Coping with this chaos magic seems to have lead to the sprouting of tentacles on the snowsquall dragon's face. Some folk might be inclined to say "Ew," but that's awfully rude. You might sprout tentacles too if you spent long enough in the Rift?"
  • Snowy Bronze Dragon - "Every few years, when conditions are just right, wizards and witches from all across the world climb Mount Oly for a festival of competitions. It was during the downhill free form flying races that Snowy Olympus Dragons were first sighted. Swift and agile, these dragons make the best wizards look like amateurs. Bronze Snowys are the most common of this breed, but are no less epic for that!"
  • Snowy Gold Dragon - "Every few years, when conditions are just right, wizards and witches from all across the world climb Mount Oly for a festival of competitions. It was during the downhill free form flying races that Snowy Olympus Dragons were first sighted. Swift and agile, these dragons make the best wizards look like amateurs. Gold Snowys are champions, even among their own kind."
  • Snowy Silver Dragon - "Every few years, when conditions are just right, wizards and witches from all across the world climb Mount Oly for a festival of competitions. It was during the downhill free form flying races that Snowy Olympus Dragons were first sighted. Swift and agile, these dragons make the best wizards look like amateurs. Silver Snowys are very nearly as graceful as Golds, but the witch Kaylamac still scowls sometimes when they hatch."
  • Solar Eclipse Dragon - "Many people make the mistake of thinking this dragon is the result of an impossible breeding combination between the sun and moon dragons. Instead, this dragon is born only when celestial bodies align properly. Although a wonder to behold, the wizards do not recommend staring directly at them... something about burning your eyes out?"
  • Solarflare Dragon - "A solarflare dragon?! Astonishing! These dragons only appear when a park proprietor reaches a magnificent milestone! Legend has it, one must showcase a near immeasurable amount of park prowess to obtain a solarflare dragon. According to the ancient and mysterious Book of Documents, were such an amount of prowess to be measurable, that number would be 100. "Ninety-nine," the Book of Documents reads, "one shall not measure excepting that one then proceeds to 100. 101 is right out." Clearly, that's no ordinary dragon."
  • Solstice Dragon - "Twice each year, near the longest and shortest days of the year, the Solstice Dragons come out of hiding. Their arrival - along with lighting of the Sun Stones of Surya - signals the beginning of grand festivals throughout much of the land. Because it has two heads, one favoring summer, the other winter, the Solstice Dragon is nearly always of two minds on any issue. Despite this conflict, most dragon experts take solace in the idea that two heads are better than one.."
  • Sonic Dragon - "The sonic dragon usually makes almost no sound as it flies, but can sometimes be found harassing travelers by breaking the sound barrier close overhead. Though it resembles a bat, and does in fact communicate similarly, the yellow glow from its body makes this dragon entirely too obvious at night."
  • Soot Dragon - "The soot dragon's favorite sleeping spot is underneath cauldrons--which, while adorable, has given more than one potion-brewer quite the scare. Imagine trying to stoke the "fire" only for it to wake up and fly away!"
  • Sorarian Dragon - "An old tale from the Shimmering Isles describes a starry dragon that ferries travelers from one side of the sky to the other. It was long assumed that these stories were inspired by the Sorarian star, which traces a curvy path across the night, heedless of the other stars’ motions. With the coming of the Sorarian dragon, however, many have begun to wonder whether the subject of those stories was the star, or the dragon."
  • Spark Dragon - "When dark and lightning met in the form of the spark dragon, it was electrically epic. Scattering energy in all directions, your visitors are sure to have a shockingly good time seeing these dragons!"
  • Spectre Dragon - "Once upon a dark night foggy, Nogard awoke, worn and groggy,
    And looked about at scrolls and tomes of ancient dragon lore.
    Wile he drifted, nearly sleeping, came a sound, the sound of creaking, A sound as if some thing were sneaking, sneaking near his tower door.
    "Tis some visitor", he mumbled, "creeping in the foggy moor-
    Only this, and nothing more."
    Gath'ring his courage (and his beard) Nogard stood to see what neared, And looked out his tower window at the distant foggy moor.
    Then a form came from the dark, ghostly pallored, eerily stark, A shade which made Nogard remark,
    "hat dread awaits me, in my park?" He grabbed his cloak and staff and said,
    "There's only one way to be sure."
    And then he walked upon the moor. From the dark there came a grumble, a soft and low kind of rumble, Nogard almost took a stumble, out in the foggy moor.
    Nogard peered into the black, and what he saw took him aback, A hungry spectre dragon pack, to which he sighed and threw a snack
    Nogard called out to the dragons as he walked back to the door,
    "That's all you get, and nothing more!""
  • Sprite Dragon - ""
  • Spirit Dragon - "Folkloric takes of this dragon echo through time and tradition. As it's told, the first spirit dragon appeared before a witch who was lost in the fogs of the Drag Marshes. The spirit dragon tried to use its breath to show the wayward witch which way to go, but its exhalations can only be seen by those in tune with the dragon's ethereal nature. With some clever conjuring, the lost witch was able to give the dragon a special runewand through which it could blast its beautiful blue breath for all to behold. To this day, some say spirit dragons still inhabit places where people are likely to get lost, using their benevolent breaths to guide home wayward wanderers."
  • Spore Dragon - "When the spore dragon emerged from the Rift, Gwyddion the Great Nogard couldn't believe his eyes. "We haven't seen a dragon from the Rift since Light and Dark magic returned to the Vale!" he exclaimed to Gardenia, who was first in line to study this dragon's unusual patterning of mushroomscales. What wonders!"
  • Spring Dragon - "The wizard Akitu helped form the magical energies in the Seasonal Habitat. When he went out to study his work, he discovered another rare and lively dragon had joined the habitat. Having never seen this breed before, he decided to commemorate the first day of Spring and called it a spring dragon. Akitu is fairly certain they follow patterns of the Northern hemisphere and won't be here forever."
  • Spritely Dragon - "These spry, cuddly, and inquisitive dragons are known for their natural affinity towards creative wizards and witches. Spritely dragons were originally discovered when famous dragon artist Bob Ploss was planting a grove of Happy Trees. From a nearby grove, he saw a group of spritely dragons staring at him inquisitively. Not to be outdone in curiosity, he immediately set to painting them. From then on, spritely dragons have been a mainstay to creative wizards and witches everywhere."
  • Sprout Dragon - "The Sprout dragon is truly one of nature's mysteries! These little dragons are so full of the energy of new life, that instead of getting very large as they grow, they actually multiply into a small group over time! It's possible that given centuries, these groups would grow up, but for now we'll just enjoy their playful youth!"
  • Squall Dragon - "From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the Squall Dragon:
    Squall dragon, wave forger,
    The tides at your command,
    Your golden headpiece shining,
    Your anchored tail so grand.
    Protector of the ocean shores,
    Of you we ask no more."
  • Starshine Dragon - "It used to be that the winter witch, Lumi, would win the fairy light decorating contest every year. Jealous neighbors began to get suspicious; there's no way any spell could make lights shine like that! After a bit of snooping, it was discovered that Lumi wasn't using fairy lights at all, but was enticing starshine dragons to nap amongst her trees! Lumi didn't face any repurcussions, though--it's now common to find a few starshine dragons helping light up huts this time of year."
  • Starwing Dragon - "According to Burcadian legend, the stars on the wings of the aptly named starwing dragon form the map to a great and mysterious galaxy, potentially leading Noel DePlante to discover a new galaxy dragon sometime in the future..."
  • Starlight Dragon - "Every so often, witches and wizards gather to commemorate when the first stars fell and the galaxy dragons first came to the Vale. It was on one of these gatherings that the littlest witch wished upon a star to see a dragon never seen before. To everyone's surprise, the very first starlight dragon appeared then and there! From that point onward this dragon has been an omen of serendipity and good luck."
  • Steam Dragon - "From the Scrolls of Pi Roh's Ponderings: There once was a dragon called steam Whose breath blast was something supreme With water and fire An ephemeral spire Like something straight out of a dream!"
  • Steel Dragon - "The steel dragon likes to parade back and forth showing off its fearsome horns. As other dragons pass, the steel dragon will turn over its right shoulder to flash a cold, steely gaze, stopping them in their tracks. It is a matter of curiosity that no steel dragon has ever been observed to turn left before flashing its gaze."
  • Stoneheart Dragon - "The story of the stoneheart dragon it a bit of gloomy tale. So it's told, the wizard Mort Encha was obsessed with creating the perfect potion to win the affections of his unrequited love interest. One day, a wand misfire caused several vials of failed potions to shatter. The amalgam of potions seeped through the dirt floor of Mort's hut and into the soil of his treat farm next door. Soon after, a wandering stoneheart dragon stopped to snack on Mort's potion-powered pumpermellon plants. Fortunately, aside from a harmless case of stonescale, the dragon was unharmed. Still, Mort felt so guilty about the accident that he never touched a drop of love potion again, and thus, sadly, he was never united with his true love. Valefolk say the stoneheart dragon's seemingly sad expression is an ode to poor ol' Mort."
  • Stoneshell Dragon - "One might think it would be difficult to fly with rocks for wings, but the stoneshell dragon manages quite well. Those boulder-like appendages also serve the dual purpose of giving this hidden dragon a way to tuck itself out of sight. More than one wizard has mistaken a concealed stoneshell dragon for a Burcadian Standing Egg!"
  • Storm Dragon - "Native to mountain regions, the storm dragon loves to come out during snowy thunderstorms at high altitudes. It is a common dragon but few people know they've seen one because storm dragons look like lightning shooting across the sky and their roar sounds like rolling thunder."
  • Stygian Dragon - "From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the Stygian Dragon:
    Stygian dragon, rune bearer,
    Such secrets in your wings,
    A tale, a map, a tiding--
    Or songs of ancient things?
    What mysteries you hold,
    O dragon so mighty and bold."
  • Subterranean Dragon - "Behold the burrowing subterranean dragon! Unlike dragons that take to the skies, this dragon prefers a much more grounded lifestyle. You can thank Earth Magic expert T. Erra for the discovery. Everyone thought him silly for his endless digging through the Vale's rocky nooks and crannies. "We won't know what's down there until we dig!" a dirt-covered T. Erra insisted to the Board of Magical Priorities when making his case for a full-time team of Valefolk skilled in excavation spells. He sure surprised everyone when he uncovered a trail of tunnels leading to the subterranean dragon!"
  • Sugarplum Dragon - ""
  • Sulfur Dragon - "The sulfur dragon is often found near volcanoes and the hottest geysers. Their bright coloring makes them hard to miss, but it's their strong smell that your park visitors are most likely to remember. Friendly as they are, you don't want one of these dragons to lick you--their slobber can burn holes in your robes."
  • Sumi Dragon - "A most peculiar thing happened when the witch Sora Terasu was tasked with studying the sakura dragon. The day seemed ordinary enough--the scent of blossoms on the breeze, a herd of plains dragons making its way across a distant field, the sounds of magical explosions from the Great Nogard's workshop--as she set off on the path to Cherry Heights. What Sora saw along her route stopped her in her tracks: writing in the sky, as if inked of clouds! She stood gaping at the sight of these unfamiliar runes, wondering what magical artist was behind the apparition. Suddenly, a brush-tailed dragon rocketed through the air, leaving a spellbinding trail of inkblots in its wake. "Sumi," Sora mused to herself as she watched, recalling a variety of ink used in the timeless art of wand wash painting. "I shall call you sumi!"
  • Sun Dragon - "Ancient tradition tells us that the first sun dragon existed before the world was formed, flying across the empty night sky until it met the first moon dragon. Together they created a world that they could share. Descendants of these original dragons are so rare they even require special conditions to be bred at all!"
  • Sunstruck Dragon - "The sunstruck dragon is happiest when surfing across some righteous sand dunes. In fact, it needs little else to stay happy. Wizards summarize this dragon's lackadaisical lifestyle in three words; sandsurfing, mondo treats, and primo naps. Gnarly."
  • Surge Dragon - "What causes the unusual glow pattern of the surge dragon? Magic, of course! Haven't you been paying attention to the way things work around here?"
  • Surprise Dragon - "Surprise dragons are notorious for appearing when you least expect them, although there's always a good possibility for one sneaking up on you when you're carrying something. Valefolk still talk about the time when a surprise dragon startled Ma' Goody while carrying a basket of dragon treats. Dragon treats EVERYWHERE. But the surprise dragon was more than happy to help with eatup -- uh, cleanup, that is."
  • Summer Dragon - "While researching seasonal magic in the far off Forests of Farn, the wizard Shamash discovered the summer dragon one evening by tripping over it. Thankfully, the dragon didn't mind or even bother to wake up. Since then, summer dragons have been famed as the hardest sleeping dragons, probably because they are some of the most active dragons during the day!"
  • Swamp Dragon - "The swamp dragon is the master of its domain, though not at all territorial. A truly strange breed, but one that teaches you something new every time you study it."
  • Swallowtail Dragon - "There's a fantastic tale in the Vale
    of a dragon called swallowtail.
    Its tail is so pleasant
    you'll flock to its presence
    to witness its glorious scale!"
  • Sweetheart Dragon - "Sweeter than sugar and zazzier than spice, the sweetheart dragon is the epitome of everything nice! These dragons always make sure their habitat-mates get dragon treats before they do, give up the best napping spots to others, and take time to play with the little ones. They are so kind hearted, in-fact, that you might want to make sure you donn't accidentally step on any fae-bugs while walking by their habitat. It would break their sweet little hearts!"


  • Tansy Dragon - "Inspiration for the famous Burcadian Egg Hunt carol, this dragon makes all the little Valekins sing:
    Here comes big ol' fluffy tail,
    Flying down the racing trails,
    Flappity flappity, wings are making way!

    Bringin' all the visitors,
    Breath-blash tricks and Egg Hunt roars,
    Give tansy a Burcadian hooray!"
  • Teidian Dragon - "The teidian dragon is nicknamed "little bull" for its small stature and origin within the Constellation of the Bull. Coincidentally, when Noel DePlante first observed this dragon cavorting in the night sky, it seemed to be playfully head-butting its fellow galaxy dragons."
  • Tempest Dragon - "The majesty of the tempest dragon inspired one of DragonVale's great writers, W. Wiggleswand, to author a turbulent love story between a witch and wizard in which the tempest dragon plays a thunderous role. Of course, Wiggleswand took some artistic liberties; in reality, this fierce-looking dragon has a rather bubbly personality."
  • Teozinte Dragon - "Every so often the teozinte dragon sheds its scales, which are then gathered and strung into necklaces, or sewn onto wizard robes. It's all the rage to have discarded teozinte scales on your robes during the Om of Noms, although some say the outfits do look pretty corny."
  • Terradiem Dragon - "A manuscript written 1,970 years ago depicts a great dragon that represented the entire world and how it worked in perfect harmony. Those images have been reused, the manuscript has been recycled among the populous, causing a renewed interest in this great dragon. Lo and behold, the terradiem dragon was rediscovered wandering around the Scar of the World!"
  • Thicket Dragon - "Baby thicket dragons learn quickly that their little dangling vines aren't toys - or food, for that matter. One nibble is all it takes to teach them that those vines are attached! Gardenia has a theory about why these dragons grow vines, but the rest of the Vale is content to appreciate the aesthetic value of "total cuteness.""
  • Thistle Dragon - "An explanation for this dragon's exceptionally fluffy tail hails from the homework scrolls of the House of the Iron Blossom:
    There once was a dragon called thistle who dreamt of a day it could whistle. It huffed and it puffed 'til its tail was quite fluffed, but the best it could do was a sniffle!"
  • Thorn Dragon - "As the thorn protects the rose, so does the thorn dragon protect its companions. Fiercely loyal, this dragon will never leave the side of those it considers to be friends. Those friends, however, have learned to be cautious when receiving embraces."
  • Thunder Dragon - "Originating in the Verulean Highlands, Thunder dragons have been known to exist for quite some time but were much too loud to display in parks. Fortunately, the witch Tranquila spent considerable time creating a spell to dampen the sound of her husband's thunderous snoring. She modified the spell a bit and it works well enough on Thunder dragons to allow them to share habitats with other dragons and not deafen park visitors. Though some ear plugs may still be in order."
  • Thunderbird Dragon - "The thunderbird dragon's favorite type of food is one no treat farm produces: lightning! This dragon has been spotted gobbling up stray bolts and blasts, giving rise to questions as numerous as they are reasonable: Wait, what? Is that a Rift thing? Doesn't that hurt? How is that nutritious? Or even delicious? In fact, what does lightning taste like? How much lightning can a dragon eat? What if it ate ALL of the lightning ever? How rumbly would its tummy be? Thunderous implications! Well, at least we can answer the question of where this dragon gets its name."
  • Thunderbolt Dragon - "From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the Thunderbolt Dragon:
    Thunderbolt dragon, cloud striker,
    Shepherd of the storms,
    The skyscape you illuminate,
    The horizon you transform.
    Your wings and claws so golden,
    Our skies and spirits you embolden."
  • Thundersnow Dragon - "The roar of the thundersnow dragon is powerful enough to shake snowflakes from their clouds and send lightning jetting across the sky. Juvenile witches and wizards with mischief on their minds will sometimes coax the thundersnow dragon with treats, hoping its excited roar will bring a thunderous blizzard to cancel school!"
  • Tidal Dragon - "The ancient village of Kamgwa in the Shimmering Isles used to keep a shrine dedicated to the Great Wave. This enchanted tide would wash onto the island every summer, mysteriously bringing fresh water from the salty sea. This perennial event kept the villagers' farms watered and made permanent living on the island possible. We now know that this was likely the work of a migrating Tidal Dragon, which has been known to splash entire coastlines whilst playing. If only it knew that its annual playtime was responsible for an entire culture!"
  • Tidepool Dragon - "The idea of an ocean is lost on many Valers living in the sky, but there is group that analyzed this murky myth. Their fascination led to experiments which led to the questions: "Would it be dangerous to attempt a manifestation of such a large body of water?" They reduced the power of the incantation and safely conjured a small pool of ocean water. The spell needed hours to finish so the group came back after a long meal.
    When they returned, they were delighted to see bright vegetation and moving marine life. As soon as a witch dipped her hand in to confirm the spell, everything moved and a face popped out. It was a dragon! The magicfolk didn't know if they had attracted the unknown creature or created it from thin air. They archived that mystery for later reflection and spread the news of the miraculous tidepool dragon"
  • Tinsel Dragon - "The witch to first discover the tinsel dragon would prefer to remain anonymous. This may or may not have something to do with the slightly embarrassing way in which she discovered the dragon, but can you blame a witch for mistaking the tinsel dragon for a tinsel bush? She didn't mean to pluck so hard, nor frighten the dragon into a frenzied flight through the Vale's freshly finished Frosty Jubilee decorations. Everyone's best cleanup spells got a wand workout that day! The tinsel dragon is fine, albeit less likely to lounge in a patch of tinsel bushes again."
  • Topaz Dragon - "On the edge of the Shimmering Isles, in the Crimson Sea, one of smaller, more mysterious islands is home to the topaz dragons. Due to their isolation, topaz dragons are a bit shy, but eventually they warm up and are one of the friendliest dragons in existence. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Totem Dragon - ""
  • Tourmaline Dragon - "Between their epic, flashy coloration and and an inherent magnetic charm, tourmaline dragons are more social than other dragons. It's difficult to say exactly how and how much dragons communicate with ( or pay attention to) each other, but tourmaline dragons at least pause before wandering off to-- Oooo, something shiny! THis dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Trench Dragon - "In the deepest recesses of the Sea of Anayrahm lives the aptly-named trench dragon. With a home so far from the sun, the trench dragon relies on its own dark magic glow to shed light on the gloom of the deep sea. As you might imagine it can get pretty boring down there in the dark - good thing it's easy to make friends in your park!"
  • Trimera Dragon - "So it is told, Every 300 years, the trimera dragon appears.
    Thrice in heads, thrice in bite, have you ever seen such a wondrous sight?
    Yet, a philosophical quandary trickles the Vale: Can a trimera dragon chase its own tail?"
  • Trinket Dragon - "A longheld wintertime tradition around the Vale is for witches and wizards to gift each other trinket dragon eggs. Supposedly, the trinket dragon is rumored to have a magical aura that brings good luck when it comes to receiving gifts. The jury is out on whether this dragon really brings good luck, but it certainly brings joy and adorable companionship!"
  • Tree Dragon - "Few people are comfortable watching a tree flying in the sky, which is perhaps why this hybrid is misunderstood as ancient and unknowable. The older ones have been known to offer a helping hand to those lost in a forest, or a friendly conversation to those wandering alone."
  • Trick Dragon - "Captain Admar received a promotion for discovering this weird and wonderful little dragon. As the dragon ages, it gains an extra set of eyes and a bigger... smile. The adult trick dragon's little snout may seem cute and huggable, but be wary. As the good Admiral said, "It's a trick!" "
  • Trinket Dragon - "A longheld wintertime tradition around the Vale is for witches and wizards to gift each other trinket dragon eggs. Supposedly, the trinket dragon is rumored to have a magical aura that brings good luck when it comes to receiving gifts. The jury is out on whether this dragon really brings good luck, but it certainly brings joy and adorable companionship!"
  • Ts'aishen - "Sleeping for centuries, the legendary vault dragon Ts'aishen was finally roused from his slumber by the completion of the Token of Fire, Token of Luck, and the Binding of Prosperity. Drawn to your park, Ts'aishen can collect from all dragon habitats when provided with enough Abundant Essence."
  • Tulip Dragon - "Ah, the tulip dragon. The witch nicknamed Miniscule Minerva was the first to stumble over this dragon--quite literally, as the dragon was napping in a tulip field. Blended right in! That's where magicfolk get the old cautionary phrase "It's better to tiptoe through the tulips." Especially handy advice in the garden in the moonlight."
  • Tumblethorn Dragon - "Eons ago, tumblethorn dragons utilized their unique adaptations to glide between the harsh Sandara desert and the Mud Flats. When the Cataclysm opened the Scar of the World, it was one of the first dragons that disappeared in that event. Thank fully, it seems that at least a few tumbled into the Rift!"
  • Turquoise Dragon - "Turquoise dragons inhabit the arid Khorasan region of the Shimmering Isles and are the oldest known gemstone dragons. Fun fact, despite their dry climate, their skin is the smoothest of all the dragons. This dragon cannot be breed at this time."
  • Twinkle Dragon - "The highlight of numerous Vinturfjordian winter carols, the twinkle dragon has seriously impressive set of wings. They shimmer and glimmer with such festive spirit, you can't help but sing its praises-literally! As folk croon in Vinturfjord, "Just see that dragon twinkling, shining and a'sparkling too! Come on, it's lovely weather for a snow flight together with you!"



  • Valor Dragon - "From the Vellum of Visions, An Ode to the Valor Dragon:
    Valor dragon, brave bearer
    Our hearts you fill with might,
    Your wings raised strong and shinning,
    Your plumage catching light.
    When the night is long and dark,
    The valor dragon warms our hearts."
  • Verdigris Dragon - "Though bearing the unusual appearance of being rusted, the verdigris dragon is nevertheless quite popular! Its unusual coloring is not rust at all, but rather a scale condition known as Elphabaitis. Don't worry--it's harmless, and doesn't stop this dragon from defying gravity. Fortunately, none of the other dragons seem to mind the verdigris dragon's appearance. No de-greenifying necessary here!"
  • Verglace Dragon - "The verglace dragon can be difficult to spot out in the open. It likes to settle on icy lakes or in massive snowdrifts and sit still, immobile as ice, in ponderous contemplation. Many wander over to stare at this dragon's frozen facts, wondering if they're looking at an expertly made ice sculpture - but no, it's just the verglace dragon, remembering the fjords of home."
  • Victory Dragon - "When the champion cloud-vaulter, Nickee of Same-thrice, found herself vexed by the trials before her, she looked up to a victory dragon for inspiration. This dragon's lauded ability is to inspire a vigorous fervor for great deeds with its aura of vibrant optimism. With this boon, Nickee rose to the challenge and just did it."
  • Vidalia Dragon - "There is a dragon that can make you think twice, with nothing more than a look. It may appear this creature has no care to give, but here's a secret, it does. Vidalia dragons, prim and proper, will help you clean up and put your best foot forward. If you're not expecting it, their surprising generosity might even make you cry."
  • Viridian Dragon - "We wizards are just as surprised as you might be by the viridian dragon. Little is known about what happens in the rift, though the Valefolk are working night and day to understand exactly how its chaotic magics work. So far, the viridian dragon seems to be pretty normal---it's not terrorizing villages or nominee townspeople, which is always nice when it comes to dragons from other dimensions. Interestingly, the viridian dragon's back appears to be covered in armor-like scales. Perhaps the viridian evolved to withstand debris storms within the Rift---or maybe it just likes to look cool for its Rift friends. There's so much to learn about these dragons!"
  • Voltaic Dragon - The voltaic dragon certainly made quite an entrance into the Vale when it emerged from the Rift. A thunderous cacophony accompanied its arrival, and with it some of the fiercest rains in Vale memory. But for all the voltaic's pomp and circumstance, this is one scaredy dragon—the terrifying sound its own thunderous arrival set it scurrying into a nearby cave. Gwyddion the Great Nogard depleted an entire plot of pumpermelons trying to coax it back out!
  • Vortex Dragon - "Do you hear that ululating, high-pitched gurgling noise? We didn't think so. Human ears aren't capable of hearing the unusual cry of the vortex dragon. Its unique maw produces all sorts of interesting sounds--something that gravitational spell acoustics commingling with fluid dynamagics. Really pulls visitors in."


  • Watch Dragon - "Watch dragons rarely sleep. Instead, these alert guardians look after parks night and day. We're not quite sure what they need to protect us from, but their tenacity and courage are admirable."
  • Water Dragon - "The water dragon is native to places where magic-imbued waters collect. It needs to have a very specific combination of magic and minerals. They are the most playful dragon ever seen, sure to cause a splash with your incoming visitors."
  • Water Rift Dragon ​"Does the Rift have oceans? Lakes? Ponds? Streams? Little is known about the geography within the Rift, but if the water rift dragon is any indication, there's bound to be water in there somewhere. Heck, maybe there's a portal in the depths of the Rift's oceans that leads to the Surface waters below the Vale! Maybe keep an eye on this dragon--track its whereabouts, see what it knows. You never know, you know?"
  • Wavelyte Dragon - "Don't pet the wavelyte dragon for at least 30 minutes after eating. Wait sorry, wrong scroll-that's the rule for swimming in the ocean. Waves, wavelyte... you understand the mixup. Anyway, the wavelyte dragon likes visitors to pay it attention anytime, especially if they share whatever they're eating. THis dragon cannot be breed at this time"
  • Willow Dragon - "Don't let the sullen look fool you, the willow dragon is probably just pining over the beauty of its environment. Those who spend any amount of time with it invariably feel an increased sense of calm."
  • Wind Dragon - "Swift and graceful, the wind dragon flows from place to place with a gentle rustle of feathery scales. A lucky omen to sailors and millers, these dragons are sure to bring a breath of fresh air to your park."
  • Winter Dragon - "In the stark lands of the North, dire winters have long been a bane to the natives. The wizard Marten Slowquill discovered that winter dragons, long thought to be shaggy variants of forest dragons, were in fact a distinct breed. What's more, they were found to grow out their voluminous coats just before the first snow fall, giving the people of the North a harbinger for when winter is coming."
  • Wisp Dragon - "Even the bravest adventurers are wary of tracking the wisp dragon in its native bogs and fens. These small dragons like to sleep curled up on the luminous balls on their tails. From a distance, wizards and witches hunting swamp gas for their potions often follow the drifting dragons by mistake, finding themselves safe and dry in the woods after a long night's walk."
  • Woolen Dragon - "Woolen dragons are friendly, specifically when they need help with an itch. Rough objects, like trees and jagged rocks, suffice but a willing witch or wizard is even better. When snow begins to fall and you feel something nuzzling against your leg, it’s probably a woolen dragon asking for a good scratch. And they are, of course, great companions if you’ve forgotten your mittens."
  • Wrath Dragon - "Love dragons enjoy company, but they have to travel all the way from Berrywhite Mountain and down to the Vale to satiate that strong need. Unfortunately, some dragons get lost on the journey. This happened to one particular love dragon and its burden of solitude had a dramatic effect. Its hide turned gray and its scales hardened, devolving into the newly discovered wrath dragon. It eventually made it to the Vale and was ecstatic to be amongst magicfolk, but the witches and wizards recoiled as it galloped in with a giant grin. As they do, a group of love dragons came to console their pal and surrounded it with pure compassion. This helped changed the Valers' perception of this uniquely unnerving creature.
    Collect and place 10 unique Tendrils to perform the ritual with a love dragon."
  • Wraith Dragon - "It has been said to never enter a staring contest with a lightning dragon. The calm and piercing eyes of the wraith dragon give their lightning dragon cousins the shivers."
  • Wyrmwood Dragon - "The discovery of the wyrmwood dragon coincides with the fifth anniversary of the day magic first blossomed in the Vale. Supposedly, this dragon's tangled tail can only be untangled by the magic of a wizard called Vert. E. LaFée, but he hasn't been seen in years. The wyrmwood seems to have fun with it, though---just look at those awesome aerial acrobatics!"



  • Yolkwing Dragon - "The Burcadians of the Mountain Sun first discovered the yolkwing dragon. Adrift in the Rift, it was first found by one of Kaleni's apprentices. The yolkwing's sunny disposition found an easy home in the farms and fields of Burcadians, and is happy to make its home in many park settings. The yolkwing's whimsical appearance is sure to crack up many a visitor!"


  • Zaffer Dragon - "What gives Rift-touched dragons like the zaffer such unusual pulsating patterns? Excellent question! Gwyddion is doing his best to figure it out, with the help of the Vale's brightest magical minds. The short answer is "chaos magic," but Gwyddion isn't quite sure why or how. Perhaps the Etherium powering the Rift Breeding Cave has something to do with it. Additional alchemical analysis is advised".
  • Zombie Dragon - "A rare and misunderstood dragon, the zombie dragon is a reliable crowd pleaser. Just be sure to heed the wizard's stern warning to only feed them Dragon Treats. Lest they develop other ... appetites."