The Aichpey River is a polluted river which is home to the Ooze Dragon.

Landscape and Characteristics

The Aichpey River's source is high in the mountains, and it eventually empties into the Nes Lake. It is a wide, slow-moving river. Due to the many cities built along its banks, it is highly polluted. The water is so murky it is impossible to see more than a foot down. A horrible stench rises off it, and few fish can live in the water. Often, an oily, sticky slime floats on the river's surface.


This river runs primarily through tropical regions, meaning the nearby climate is warm year round and receives lots of precipitation. The stench coming off the river is intensified when the year is hottest.


Few dragons live here. The water is too dirty for most to thrive. Many people live in the cities along its banks, as well as captive dragons forced to power the factories, but nature has almost departed from here.

Wizards and Witches





Long ago, this river was full of river dragons, seaweed dragons, water dragons, and other freshwater dragons, but pollution made the river unsuitable for them and they had to move.

Bordering Regions