The Scar of the World was created by the Cataclysm, the event that tore Light and Dark magic away from our world. It is a wide, dark, seemingly bottomless gorge with plants and dragons living nearby, but on the inside there is no life possible.

Landscape and Characteristics

The Scar of the World is very, very deep--in fact, it is not known if it has a bottom at all, or just descends eternally, a deep tear in space-time. If you fell in, you probably wouldn't survive. There are some small forests nearby and large tropical jungles to the east. Immediately surrounding the Scar, the land is eternally barren; only a quarter mile out from it or so do signs of life appear.

Before the destruction of the Burcadian civilization, this was the location of its largest city.


The Scar of the World is in the tropics, practically on the equator, but still emits mixed Light and Dark magic, which gives it the effect of always having dark clouds and a cold temperature. From time to time, the area is covered in thick mist.


No life lives in the Scar itself, but in the forests and ground around is life possible.

Wizards and Witches




Non-Dragon Creatures


In ancient times, Light and Dark magic lived peacefully together. That is, until the Dark Dragon named Void started The Dark War . The ancient Burcadians wanted to banish Dark magic from our world to stop the war, but as Light is the opposite of Dark, the same fate fell for Light Dragons. After this event (later called the cataclysm) a large cliff was made, the Scar of the World. This coincided with the day of hatching of the first Ouroboros Dragon. Some see the Ouroboros Dragon as a living prophecy, promising that some day the Scar will be healed.

Bordering Regions