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Luminous Dragon Baby

Luminous Dragon Egg

Elements: Light
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Common
Form: Bipedal Drake
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank: 1.5
Shortly after the return of Light Magic, the luminous dragons were discovered high in the Berrywhite Mountains. An apprentice of the wizard Mohs was researching a rare geological formation of rock chalk and happened upon an aerie of the majestic dragons.
    —Nogard's description of the Luminous Dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Luminous Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Light and Plant elements. Its main element is Light.


The luminous dragon is widely considered one of the most ornately adorned and elegant dragons.







Luminous dragons are peaceful dragons and avoid confrontation whenever possible. They live only on the highest peaks of the Berrywhite Mountains, relatively free from enemies, so they don't need weapons.


The brilliance of the luminous dragons blinds their main enemies, Dark element dragons. A group of them is so bright that a roc or other predator won't know where to attack.

Other Abilities

The luminous dragon can adjust the color and intensity of its glow in different parts of its body to communicate with other dragons.

Breath Weapon

Like many other Light element dragons, luminous dragons breathe a brilliant flash of light. This dragon's light can momentarily be brighter than the sun.


Luminous dragons have a thin skin. Also their light defense would not work on a creature that is normally blind.



The luminous dragons reside on high mountain peaks in the Berrywhite Mountains. They may also be found in the Cadberry Meadows, Shimmering Isles, Glittergold Mountains, and Glowing Gulch.

Preferred Home

This dragon prefers high altitudes. It is often found near deposits of the luminous marble of the Berrywhite mountains, used to make marble paths. Occasionally they descend into valleys and meadows to be with their plant dragon relatives.


Luminous dragons carve multi-roomed nests out of chalk and limestone formations with their claws and furnish the interior with soft moss and plants. Sometimes they hang brightly colored cloth on the walls like tapestries.


A truly unusual creature, the luminous dragon eats only rarely. Most of the time it only licks minerals from the walls of its nest, but when it descends into the valleys and meadows it eats fruits, grasses, and leaves.


Behavior and Personality

Luminous dragons are regal, soft-spoken, and dreamy; qualities reflected in the soft light they emit. They are extremely kind and sensitive. They enjoy peace and comfort and seem detached from the troubles of the world below their high mountain home. They can't stand stress and conflict and try to make peace wherever they go. The witch Temaira Meadows, in her usual verbosity, called them "glass-like paragons of innocence," while Mohs, who was a much simpler soul, called them "nice." He is also cited as referring to them as "bright".

Social Order

Luminous dragons live in peaceful communities in which all dragons are equal and treated fairly.

Relationship to Wizards

Luminous dragons are extremely friendly, but rarely involve themselves with the troubles of humans. They are too sensitive to view pain and suffering and would prefer to be isolated. When they feel their group is being threatened, they drive the intruder away with short flashes of light aimed at their eyes as a warning.
DDLA has ranked them as 1.5, this is because they may attack when provoked, but their attacks are mostly harmless.

Life Cycle


All marriages between luminous dragons are arranged by the community. Before mating, dragon must first be evaluated by the others to be sure they will be capable of producing healthy children.


Luminous dragon eggs are kept in special nests deep within the mountain with windows in the ceiling, strategically placed so that some light always falls upon the egg. During the night, the parents must surround the egg and breathe light upon it so it will be exposed to enough light to develop properly.


Baby luminous dragons are raised by the community. All the adult dragons play a part in caring for, teaching, and protecting the baby.


When a luminous dragon becomes an adolescent, it is apprenticed to an elder of the community and taught storytelling, mathematics and healing, and also taught to refine its magic. Few dragons ever attempt to improve their natural magical powers through practice and study, so this is unusual among dragonkind.


When a dragon finishes its apprenticeship it is officially considered an adult and a full member of the community. Physically luminous dragons typically mature much earlier, but until educated a luminous dragon is considered a juvenile.


Luminous dragons live 40 to 60 years.



Gerny, an apprentice of Mohs, traveled to the Berrywhite Mountains to study the geological rock formations, but instead found the creature that would become known as the luminous dragon.

Origin of Name

Luminous dragons are luminous, so that's what Mohs' apprentice, Gerny decided to call them.


Luminous dragons possess Luximancy and Chloromancy. There are claims that these dragons have minor control over Phytomancy, but these claims are not proved.

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