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Elements: Light
Type: Primary
Rarity: Common
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Nectarivore
DDLA Rank:
Having not been seen in Ages, the ethereal Light Dragon makes a glorious return to the world of DragonVale. Enthusiastic and bright, these otherworldly dragons are sure to brighten up your park!
    —Nogard's description of the light dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Light Dragon is a primary dragon of the Light element.



Ligt dragons do not really have weapons. They have some bite force with their sharp but teethless beak, and have saliva that can damage the eyes, but are not really good fighters. They prefer fleeing from battle with their lightspeed.


Their wings can light up brightly, similar to the firefly dragon's tail, used to repel predators. They are also fast and agile fliers.

Other Abilities

They have large eyes, to pick up as much light as possible, and thin bodies to lose heat, because they are exposed to so much light. In the absence of food, they can use photosynthesis. They are also able to sense lies and deception.

Breath Weapon

Light dragons breath a brilliant glow that issues from their mouths in a bright cloud.


Light dragons will become deathly ill if not exposed to enough light. If shadows fall on them, they will feel fatigued and tired. Babies not given enough light while in the egg and in their infancy may turn out crippled and deformed.



Light dragons are found in deserts, especially the Sandara Desert, but can also be found on mountains and plateaus that receive plenty of light, such as the Glittergold Mountains or the Southern Tropics.

Preferred Home

If not exposed to enough light, light dragons become extremely sick, so they cannot live in forests or places where they are exposed to shadows. Sometimes, very rarely though, they are seen in the upper canopy of jungles, where they can find plenty of sunlight. They feed on Giant Orchid nectar there.

Sheltering and Nesting

Light dragons build shelters out of any clear material (like ice or glass) or any material that glows. Their homes are architecturally sophisticated.


The light dragon lives in a symbiotic relationship with the plant Vitrum Scyphus. The flower's petal's are fused into a bowl shape, which holds water and nectar, which are rare in the Sandara. Light dragons feed only on its nectar. As the wind blows over it, it creates sweet music the light dragons are attracted to. The dragons get a sweet meal, and the flower gets pollinated. This explains the light dragons insect-like adaptations, such as butterfly-like wings, and long tongues.


Behavior and Personality

Light dragons are very intelligent, caring dragons. They are concerned about truth and justice at all times. They try to see all sides of an issue, and feel like it's their duty to do as much good as possible, but sometimes they may become overwhelmed with the cruelty of the world and not know how they can help. They are delicate creatures and can't stand gross things and bad manners. They are always soft spoken. Some can be arrogant or stubborn.

Social Order

Light dragons live in groups ruled by an elected leader presiding over a council of the very oldest dragons. All the dragons work together to raise babies, care for the elders, and find food.

Relationship with Wizards

Light dragons are likely to welcome a wizard. They make great friends, even if they can be a little flighty or arrogant.

When in a park


Light dragons can be breed by breeding two light dragons together, breed a pair of light element dragons or dark rift dragon, or breeding a light dragon or dark dragon to a shadow dragon or mirage dragon.


Light dragons can only be placed in Omnitats or Light habitats.

How to care for


Favorite Treat

Light dragons like Berry Bauble the best.

Life Cycle





Light dragons can use either Phytomancy or Luximancy produce light. Elder light dragons have a very limited amount of control over Heliomancy, but when threatened this can result in disastrous outcomes for said attackers. They are also very attuned to truth and can sense deception because of the association with these magics.

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