Evergreen Dragon

Evergreen Dragon Adult

Evergreen Dragon Baby

Evergreen Dragon Egg

Elements: Plant
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Ubiquitous
Form: Bipedal Drake
Diet: Carnivore
DDLA Rank:
First found in the forests of Farn, the evergreen dragon is one of the few dragons known to roam in large groups. Coming across them in the wild may be a sight to behold, but beware; evergreen dragons are particularly prickly and properly protective of their progeny.
    —Nogard's description of the evergreen dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Evergreen Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Plant and Cold elements. Its main element is Plant.


The evergreen dragon egg has a light green shell with white snowflake marks.

The baby evergreen dragon has a bird-like beak and a crown of spruce leaves.

The juvenile evergreen dragon develops its beak even more and gets a pineapple-like crown on its head. It also gets more spruce leaves.

The adult dragon is just a bigger form of the juvenile stage.


Spruce Evergreen Dragon

The most common breed and the one described above.

Pinetree Evergreen Dragon

This variant has a darker color than the Spruce Evergreen Dragon, and has more prickly leaves.

Welwitchia Evergreen Dragon

The interesting one out of the bunch, this variant only has two, really long leaves on its tail aimed forward next to its head. This variant is mostly seen in warmer climates.



The evergreen dragon's razor-sharp beak can slash through many stuff, including the flesh of its prey. It can also use its nettles to poke predators.


The tiles which grow on the evergreen dragon's back is used as extra defense against predators.

Other Abilities

The evergreen dragon can survive in almost any climate that isn't scorching hot. They can shed their leaves and they will almost immediately grow back.

Breath Weapon

The evergreen dragon spits out hardened versions of spruce leaves, which still are prickly.


Both their elements aren't very resistant against fire or heat, so they will almost surely lose in battle against fire dragons.



Evergreen dragons prefer the climate of northern forests, such as the Forests of Farn. The Neverblue Woods hold the second highest population of evergreen dragons, though not much other dragons live there. In the Xiberian Savannas, occasional groups of Welwitchia Evergreen Dragons are spotted.

Preferred home

Evergreen dragons prefer living under conifers, and they favor spruces.


Each evergreen dragon in a horde will build his or her own nest from spruce leaves.


Evergreen dragons are carnivores, despite being of the Plant element. It will hunt for squirrels, weasels, and wild cats.


Behavior and Personality

Evergreen dragons are very protective of their kind and will act with no mercy against those who want to hurt their friends.

Social Order

Evergreen dragons live in large groups called hordes, in which everyone is equal, though there is always one supreme leader which tells the group where to go.

Relationship to wizards

Evergreen dragons were hunted by humans in the past and thus see wizards as enemies. They will attack humans if they get the permission of their supreme leader.

Life Cycle


Evergreen dragons will develop relations somewhat the same way as humans, but with other dragons in their group.


Evergreen dragons create arboreal nests for their young, comprised mostly of nettles and sticks. It takes approximately six weeks for an evergreen's egg to incubate.


An infant evergreen dragon is protected by the whole group.


While some adults have the task to care about the juveniles, adolescent evergreen dragons mostly have to care for themselves. This includes hunting on their own.


Every adult in the group has its own task, from protecting the juveniles to hunting for the whole group.

Life Span

An evergreen dragon can become up to 65 years old.



Evergreen dragons have been known by humans since the prehistory.

Origin of Name

Evergreen dragons are named after the fact that the trees they resemble always keep their green color.


Evergreen dragons are associated with Chloromancy, Arboromancy and Cryomancy.

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