Dark is the tenth primary element. It is the opposite of the Light element.

Characteristics of Dark Dragons

Dark dragons are usually nocturnal and dislike bright light. They have an excellent sense of smell, it's so excellent that they can often smell your emotions.

Characteristics of Dark Wizards

Dark wizards are not, as is the stereotype, evil. Practitioners of Erebomancy often face hatred and discrimination from other wizards, but in reality they are as virtuous and honorable as any other wizards.

Erebomancers tend to be reserved, even shy. They think carefully before they act or speak. They are usually the opposite of a social butterfly; typically they prefer solitude over social interaction, and they will allow only a select few people into their group of friends. They are cynical, reluctant to trust, skeptical of new ideas (but not at all closed-minded), and mistrustful of human nature. They are often extremely curious and typically have a great sense of humor

List of Dark Dragons

List of Limited Dark Dragons

Dark Magic

Dark magic is called Erebomancy.

Notable Masters of Dark Magic