The DDLA, or Dragon Danger Level Association, is an organisation judging the threat dragons pose to society and humans by ranking them on a scale from 1 to 5.

Threat Score Example
Poses no major threat without heavy provocating. 1 Plant Dragon
Becomes dangerous when provoked, but usually poses no threat. 2 Earth Dragon
Aggressive and dangerous, but does not directly attack humans outside of its territory. Takes some effort to tame. 3 Inferno Dragon
Actively attacks other life, including humans, with very little provocating. Very hard to tame. 4 Scorch Dragon
Deadly, may occasionally even attack villages with no provocation at all. Taming is impossible if not started from birth or with heavy Psychomancy. 5 Apocalypse Dragon

Some dragons are harder to level since they do not fulfill all needs in a specific category but do not fit in the one below. A good example of this is the Lightning Dragon, who "attacks" anything in its territory, but only very rarely actually physically threatens foes--most of the time it just stares at them. These dragons then get the lowest label they can fit in, with a 0,5 added: the Lightning dragon has a danger level of 2,5.

One should note that these ranks talk about the dragon species in general and that not every individual follows this. There are (but very few) Scorch dragons who are calm and don't care about attacking humans at all, while similarly, there are Plant dragons who are short-tempered and quickly attack-although these will likely not cause fatal injury since they are not developed to fight.

Lastly, dragons bred and raised in parks behave much different than in the wild. Park-bred Omen dragons are much less threatening and calmer than wild ones'