Cold is the fourth primary element. It is the opposite of the Fire element.

Characteristics of Cold Dragons

Cold dragons often have fur. They do not like warm temperatures and and can withstand extreme cold. They generally have a long lifespan and often are highly intelligent.

Characteristics of Cold Wizards

Cold wizards are often described as "cold-hearted", but this is not always the case; some Cryomancers are known to be quite friendly. Normally, Cryomancers are aloof and solitary, yet good at communicating through speeches and the arts. They tend to be stubborn and hard-headed. They have similarities with Erebomancers, but they're still quite different--they are not at all shy. Other characteristics of Cold wizards include practicality, intelligence, and a creative, logical mind.

List of Cold Dragons

List of Limited Cold Dragons

Cold Magic

Cold magic is called Cryomancy.