This is a list of all dragon breeds classified by rarity and the rarity classification definitions.

Dragon names in bold are increasing in population; dragon names in italics are declining in population.


Ubiquitous means "everywhere," as does this rarity classification. Dragons classified as Ubiquitous are familiar and numerous. They cover a very wide range (often increasing), have healthy populations (often increasing) and are found in several different regions and habitats. The population density is very high. It is likely to encounter one almost anywhere within their habitat.

Dragons Classified As Ubiquitous


Dragons classified as common have a high population density and cover a very wide range. They may not have adapted to many different regions or habitats, but they are numerous within their range. Also included are dragons that are found in many different habitats but do not have as high a population density as other common dragons. It is likely to encounter one under the right circumstances.

Dragons Classified as Common


Dragons classified as uncommon cover a wide range and are numerous within their range. Population density need not be high. Also included are dragons (such as the Air Dragon) that are only occasionally seen but may appear anywhere. You have a good chance of encountering one if you seek one out.

Dragons Classified as Uncommon


Scarce dragons may cover a small or spotty range and may be limited to certain habitats, but they are numerous within their range. Also included are dragons that appear intermittently in a variety of areas, or dragons that cover a wide range but have a low population density. Even if you are searching for a scarce dragon, it is as likely that you don't find one as it is that you do, except for those only living at one place.

Dragons Classified as Scarce


Rare dragons cover a small range or are restricted to a few isolated areas. There may only be a few individuals, or the population density may be high. Dragons with very low population densities may have a medium-sized or spotty range and still be classified as rare also. Rare dragons are difficult to find and it's unlikely to encounter one; chance encounters are almost unheard of. For the biggest chance of finding one, one must seek out its main habitat.

Dragons Classified as Rare

Very Rare

Very rare dragons are restricted to a few isolated areas or else may have no established range at all, only some spotty documentation of encounters in various places. These dragons may be becoming extinct. Some researchers spend years searching for very rare dragons without finding one. To find one, you must for sure find its main habitat.

Dragons Classified as Very Rare


This category includes dragons that have not (or very, very rarely are) been glimpsed in the wild (only bred in captivity), may be extinct, only appear in the wild after being released out of captivity, or are based on unsubstantiated reports.

Dragons Classified as Unheard-Of

Not from this world

Dragons classified as Not from this world do not have permanent habitats on Earth and instead inhabit a different location, like Outer Space or the Rift. It is unknown how big or dense the populations are, but it can only be growing.

Dragons Classfied as Not from this world