Chloromancy is a style of magic that allows the user to use photosynthesis and heal or rejuvenate living things, as well as grow and control plants and anything relating to plants. It is associated with Plant and sometimes Seasonal elements.

Branches of Chloromancy

Applications in Wizardry

Chloromancy is widely used in the Vale. It is used to make gardens more beautiful, heal plants, derive energy using photosynthesis and care for dragon treats.

The subordinate branch Arboromancy is used in pruning shrubs, building wooden structures, making things from wood and anything to do with trees.

Herbomancy is used to make medicines and heal injuries.

As Metallomancy is the opposite magic to Chloromancy, Chloromancy is used to negate or neutralize Metallomancy spells and preserve Metal dragon eggs.

Notable Chloromancers

Chloromancy Spells

Chloromancy Schools