Cactus Dragon

Cactus Dragon Adult

Elements: Plant
Type: Hybrid
Rarity: Common
Form: Quadruped Dragon
Diet: Herbivore
DDLA Rank:
Despite its rather prickly appearance the cactus dragon is one of the gentlest of all the dragons. It loves to pounce and play with people. Kind of like a great big cat. With sharp spikes instead of fur. Maybe it's best if your guests keep a safe distance from it.
    —Nogard's description of the cactus dragon in The Book of Dragons

The Cactus Dragon is a hybrid dragon of the Plant and Lightning elements. It's main element is Plant.





Cactus dragons are deceivingly heavy and will often ram or bash their opponents with a part of their body (if not their whole body). The spikes on their skin help inflict additional damage.


Cactus dragons are completely covered in sharp spikes which protect them from almost all potential aggressors.

Other Abilities


Breath Weapon



Cactus dragons are slow-moving and bulky, and not agile or flexible at all.



Cactus dragons are found in a variety of regions, most typically the Verulean Lowlands, The Xiberian Savannas, the Glittergold Mountains, and the High Plains of Faridat.

Preferred Home

Cactus dragons prefer arid regions over rainy ones, and require space to move around unimpeded by thick underbrush.


Cactus dragons typically do not build nests. When laying her eggs, a female cactus dragon will create a nest of cacti and other thorny plants, which will protect the vulnerable eggs from predators.


Cactus dragons are herbivores that consume almost any plant material, including leaves, grass, fruit, bark, and seeds. Contrary to popular belief, they do not eat cacti.


Behavior and Personality

Cactus dragons are actually quite gentle toward wizards, but they play roughly and wizards must be careful of their sharp spikes.

Social Order

Many cactus dragons live a solitary lifestyle on a swath of territory they viciously defend, but others form large groups and share a section of territory and its resources among the members of the group.

Relationship to Wizards

Cactus dragons and wizards don't threaten each other much, but humans are beginning to invade cactus dragon territory, causing conflict.

Life Cycle




Mother cactus dragons build a nest of cacti and other thorny plants around her eggs to protect them.


Baby cactus dragons are abandoned by their mother soon after birth and must learn to fend for themselves. Fortunately, their sharp spikes protect them from predators.


When they become juveniles, cactus dragons become territorial and will challenge other dragons for the rights to territory. Fights over territory are often bloody and brutal, which is why many adult cactus dragons in the wild appear battered and scarred.


Any cactus dragon strong enough to fight off an older cactus dragon will claim the newly vacated territory for their own and spend the rest of their lives on it. Weaker cactus dragons are often driven away and will journey many miles until they either perish in the harsh wilderness or are adopted by a more powerful cactus dragon as a subordinate. Some cactus dragons are solitary; while others live in large groups.

Life Span

Cactus dragons live 50-60 years.




Origin of Name

When the cactus dragon was first spotted, it was thought to be a large cactus. The obvious resemblance to cacti is what gives this dragon its name.


Cactus dragons possess both Chloromancy and Electromancy abilities due to their hybrid heritage. As with most dragons, these abilities usually lie dormant in wild dragons unless the dragons train to use them.

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